The Cleveland Campaign to Help Mike Meyer, Superman collector

Hey Everyone, John Dudas here, Co-Owner of Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop. Right now I’m also representing POP!: The Comic Culture Club and respectfully the greater Cleveland area in the effort to help Mike Meyer.


Who is Mike Meyer?

Mike Meyer is a 48 year old mentally disabled individual who was recently robbed of his near life long Superman Collection. Mike’s father died when he was 20 years old and his mother died 3 years later. Mike’s been on Social Security ever since but still works a job at McDonalds to support himself, which I personally respect.

Many groups are forming through out America to slowly correct an injustice, most notably on Facebook as ‘Superfriends Collection to benefit Mike in St Louis’ and ‘Save Superman – Help Mike Meyer” The attempt is to round up Superman memerobilia and present it to Mike.

This is where Carol and John’s Comic Book Shop comes in. We are acting as a drop off location for anyone who would like to drop of any Superman comics, memoribilia, greeting cards with messages, or a small financial donation towards the cause. Through the efforts of POP, and now you, we are helping to spread the word on this project. All donations need to be collected by Sunday September 18th, when I will personally assure that all items collected are sent to the above mentioned “Superfriends Collection to benefit Mike in St.Louis” group where they are presenting all their collected Superman items to Mike in Superman garb and all on Saturday, September 24th.

More info with a video:

Why? We are Cleveland. We are the ‘mistake by the lake’ who I can proudly say is the hometown of Superman. I feel a responsibility to uphold that title to a man who lives it. We are a hard working blue collar town and this sort of behavior does not sit well with me at all. When I first heard this story I felt it hit me, then the skeptcism inside me found it too ‘good’ of a story. There had to be an angle. I assure you there is not. I have spoken to Keith Howard, collector of the books, Jennifer Mann who wrote the first article on Mike, and the lead investigator from the Granite City Police Department. This story may look like it has holes, but they have all been filled in through the conversations I have had. Rest assured, you are giving to a real cause.

Items and donations can be collected at the shop till Sunday the 18th.


17462 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

Give to the level that you feel comfortable. 10 Superman books from the 90’s, one classic comic from the 60’s, an action figure here, a statue there. You’re helping to build a castle brick by brick.

The money collected will go towards bringing Mike to Cleveland to get a tour of Cleveland Superman landmarks (Including the Superman house) and local comic book shops for a day. If declined, which I hear is unlikely, it will go towards the coolest thing we can find him on ebay. 😉

If anyone reading is a member of the media and can help further our cause it would be greatly appreciated.

Mike’s latest words on the matter as stated in the above article:

“I have never felt so much love in my life; I no longer feel like the Frankenstein monster. I feel that people understand me now, for the first time in my life.  To me that is more than worth the any item from my collection, I’m just wondering what the best Superman thing I have is.”

Thanks Cleveland,

John Dudas