Infinity is finally here at CNJComics!

This years big summer blockbuster is finally here! This Wednesday 8-14 Infinity #1 will be out!
It’s the story Marvel’s been building up to since Marvel NOW started last October! You’ve been waiting for it since the Free Comic Book Day Special came out!
INFINITY #! BY Jonathan Hickman and Jim Chueng! Jonathon Hickman, writer of historic runs on Fantastic Four and Secret Warriors (along with indie gems East of West and Manhattan Projects), is joined by Jim Chueng, whose art on Avengers Children’s Crusade and New Avengers Illuminati made have made him a fan favorite at Marvel
This Six issue mini series kicks off with a double sized 64 page first issue for only $4.99! Plus we have cool freebies, raffles, variants and special sales!


While Captain America leads a team into space to fight The Builders, Thanos chooses that moment to attack a near defenseless Earth! Hickman has been known to write stories that are both satisfying and complex, and this looks to be his attempt at competing with Jim Starlin’s previous work on Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet. (Never read either of those?!? Ask for them at the shop! They are both timeless classics!)
Check out this trailer for the series!

We’ve also got some cool variants of the book that will be out on the new comic table right at noon! Many at cover price!

    • Infinity #1 Regular Cover (cover price!)
    • Infinity #1 Young Baby Variant! (cover price!)
    • Infinity #1 Deadpool Party Variant! (cover price!)
    • Infinity #1 Blank Variant! (cover price!)
    • Infinity #1 Design Variant (1:50)
    • Infinity #1 Generals Variant (1:75)
    • Infinity #1 Hero Variant (1:100)
    • Infinity #1 Hero Sketch Variant (1:150)
    • Infinity #1 Djurdjevic Variant (1:200)
    • Infinity #1 Deadpool Party Sketch Variant (only one per shop and we’re raffling it off on Wednesday! You’ll get one ticket for each copy bought and we’ll draw the winner promptly at 8pm on Wednesday!)
Infinity_1_Djurdjevic_Variant Infinity_1_Party_Variant


PLUS! Everybody who stops in will get a lithograph with the Young Baby Variant Cover (which is the best one yet) and a free button!


But wait! There’s more!! To celebrate the day (because really, how often to summer crossovers really come out?!) we’ll also give 50% off all Marvel back issues and 10% off all Marvel Graphic Novels!
There you have it! Even if you’re not a mainstream comic book reader, I’ve got two more reason to stop by the shop this Wednesday Indie Fans! Our three most popular independent titles are coming out, Saga #13 (Brain Vaughn’s series finally starts back up!), Walking Dead #113 (How can you wait after last month’s issue? Way to jump the gun Rick!), and East of West #5! (By the aforementioned Jonathan Hickman. It’s okay indie guy/girl! You can slip a copy of Infinity onto the bottom of your pile this week! We won’t tell!)

Saga_13 Walking_Dead_113

All this in addition to a full compliment of new comic books! Not to mention the cool energy of being in a comic book shop during a major release event!
We’ll see you this Wednesday at the shop!

On an unrelated side note, lots of fuss has been going around about DC Villains Month Titles being allocated by DC in September:

We are proud to say that all customers who filled out the sheet we gave them and pre-ordered their DC Villains month books from us will be receiving 100% of the books they ordered. That’s right, 100%. You can rest easy in the fact that your friendly neighborhood comic book shop has you well taken care of! (So go ahead and gloat to your friends from out of town that your local shop has you covered!) At this point though, we are no longer taking any pre-orders for 3D Covers. Quite a few will hit the table when the Wednesdays come around next month, but they’ll be first come first serve from this point on! (and all cover price, no matter what. No funny business in this shop!)
This is a great time to throw a little commercial in and say “WHAT A GREAT TIME TO HAVE A FILE AT CAROL AND JOHN’S COMIC BOOK SHOP” So open one. You save 10% on all your new comic purchases too! Ask at the counter next time you come in and we’ll hook you up!

Again, thanks for choosing us as your comic book shop! Come by and see us this Wednesday! (and all week for that matter!)