New Comic Release for Wednesday April 30th

Sure Free Comic Book Day is this weekend, but we’ve got some great new releases to talk about first!

Here’s the new releases for the week of Wednesday, April 30th 2014!

Wonder why all of our promotional materials for Free Comic Book Day this year have all has Spider-Man in them? Because not only does Amazing Spider-Man 2 come out in theaters this Friday, (see the latest trailer here: Amazing Spider-Man 2 ) but the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 Comic book comes out this week as well!


Peter Parker returns as Spider-Man just in time for the movie, and with Electro too! Written by Dan Slott with some of the art chores by Ramon K. Perez! (who was responsible for the art on the Eisner Winning Tale of The Sand , the undeveloped Jim Henson script, Hardcover) This will be the hot book to BUY on Free Comic Book Day for $5.99! We have quite a few variants coming in but best not to wait till the weekend for that, they’ll go quick.

Next up from DC Comics is the Forever Evil Aftermath Batman Vs Bane #1!


We know, we know, Forever Evil isn’t over yet. (Thanks DC) But you can pick up this one shot issue for only $3.99 where Batman returns to Gotham to take back control from Bane.

Basically, any one off story where Bane thinks he’s better at being Batman than Batman AND they fight about it is going to be a winner.

DC also made three other self contained stories for Free Comic Book Day traffic with Batgirl Annual #2, Batwoman Annual #1, and Flash Annual #3!


Annuals are extra sized specials that come out once a year to supplement an ongoing title, usually a stand alone story. This week’s Batgirl Annual is even written by Gail Simone and features Poison Ivy!

Star Wars Rebel Heist #1 from Dark Horse Comics!


Indie writer Matt Kindt (and mainstream writer lately) gives us a four issue mini series featuring the head scoundrel himself, Han Solo. (This songs for all you …dirty scoundrels out there! Star Wars Cantina Karaoke )


Image has some winners out there, but I expect this one to knock it out of the park. Southern Bastards #1!


It’s “exactly the kind of pulp goodness I live for” according to bestselling writer Ed Brubaker and it has bestselling writer Matt Fraction “both terrified and homesick.”

Jason Aaron first foray into Image. While his work for Marvel is becoming canon, before that he did some incredible Indie work with ‘Scalped’ and “The Other Side” from Vertigo.

A southern fried crime series that’s like the Dukes of Hazzard meets the Coen Brothers.

Speaking of Image, for Free Comic Book Day they’ll be doing their Image First Books Again, which means you be able to get the first issues of the hit titles from the past year for only $1.


Titles include Alex and Ada #1, Black Science #1, Deadly Class #1, East of West #1, Lazarus #1, Manifest Destiny #1, Pretty Deadly #1, Rat Queens #1, Sex Criminals #1, Velvet #1, and Zero #1. Buy anything you haven’t already read! These are perfect books to point out to any friends you might bring to Free Comic Book Day who you don’t think would be into superhero fair.

DC’s aforementioned indie imprint VERTIGO has a cool idea this week with Vertigo Quarterly Cyan #1


I’m actaully going to cut and paste this one so it doesn’t get lost in translation;

The four colors that are the basis of comics coloring serve as the jumping-off point for creators to push the boundaries of short graphic fiction in the new VERTIGO QUARTERLY: CMYK series. Starting with stunningly simple, bold covers, CMYK will defy all conventions of traditional comics anthologies. The unifying color could suggest a mood, a plot point, a coloring technique – limited only by the imagination of the fantastic creators we’ve lined up. And starting with CYAN, we have tales by some of the best talents in comics – a who’s who of creative minds. Jock, Fabio Moon, James Tynion IV, Robert Rodi, Shaun Simon, Amy Chu, Joe Keatinge, Cris Peter, Tony Akins and more will take on the challenge of telling compelling stories that scream cool “blue.” VERTIGO QUARTERLY: CMYK will continue through 2014 with MAGENTA in summer, YELLOW in fall and finally BLACK in winter. Be prepared to see color as only Vertigo can deliver! $7.99!

We’ll have a follow up to last weeks Free Comic Book Day email later this week. It will basically be a director’s cut extended version of the last one with some tips on how to get the most out of your day. For now all the details are up at including extensive bio’s of the over 30 artists who will be doing FREE sketches at the events! Check out their bio’s and check out their website!

We’d also like to congratulate The Rust Belt Monster Collective for winning Scene Magazine’s Best Painter Award!


These guys will be doing a LIVE 12 foot long Marvel Comics themed mural in front of the shop starting around noon on Saturday! Make sure to take the time to come see these guys (and gal) in action. A very cool process and we’re honored to have them out!!

Please let people know about you’re Free Comic Book Day plans! Bring friends out and show them your amazing hobby! We promise we won’t let you down!

Okay! That’s it for this week! See you at the shop!