New Comic Releases for the Week of Wednesday August 13th

Greetings from South Carolina! I’m on vacation and I’ll be leaving you in the very capable hands of the CNJ Staff.
But as always, the show must go on. Here’s some featured new releases coming out Wednesday, August 13th!

Let’s start with Batman #34!

batman34Following a very successful story with Batman Zero Year, Scott Snyder gives u a story drawn by Black’s Science’s

Batman’s the best selling title in the shop, but a close second is Amazing Spider-Man.

amazingspidey5In Amazing Spider-Man #5 an Original Sin Tie In, we learn more about Silk, who was bitten by the same Spider that created Spider-Man.

Speaking of Original Sin, issue #7 comes out this week.

originalsinJason Aaron has succeeded where other Marvel writer’s have failed with their summer event. I highly approve and am looking forward to this penultimate issue!

One more Original Sin Tie In, with Deadpool #33.

deadpoolDeadpool has a daughter? I love this cover too.

Wolverine has only one month to die in Wolverine #11.

WolverineYou’ll be overwhelmed with Death of Wolverine stuff in September, but here’s the story leading up to that story. Here’s a little more info on that:

Ugh, the Turtles movie went down pretty much as expected. After we wipe the tears off Jim’s face we can get back to reading the comics and pretending like it never happened.

TMNTHere’s all you need to know about the movie!    We still love turtles here. And Pizza.

Walking Dead keeps moving along with issue #130.

WalkingDeadThe show returns on October 12th. Here’s a link to the season five trailer!

Here’s a cool book no one knew about that’s going into a second print, Adventures Of Superman #14.

AdventuresSuperman14aA Superman / Joker story drawn by JOCK? And a story where Clark Kent babysits the Golden Age characters Sugar and Spike? What the heck!

Finally, here’s the Super Cool GI Joe The Silent Adventure Hardcover!

GIJOEThis Hardcover is a complete remastering of the classic GI Joe #21. I’ve seen the recoloring on this issue and it’s really cool. This is a book that comes up quite often n the shop. It’s got a great backstory and is now 30 years old. $19.99.

That’s it for this week! Please stop in the shop and give the crew your support!