The Death of Wolverine and other new releases for 9-3-2014

Get ready, this looks to be one of the biggest weeks of the summer, with new stories, giveaways, 3D covers and some books we’ve been desperately waiting for!

Here’s the new comic releases for the week of Wednesday September 3rd, 2014!

This week marks the first issue of the Death of Wolverine!

Death_Of_Wolverine_#1This four issue series will be weekly and is brought to us by Charles Soule with artwork by Steve McNiven, who is best know for Civil War and the already classic Wolverine story, Old Man Logan. It’s great to see him returning to Wolverine for this final tale.

We’ll have these sweet Skottie Young Lithographs to hand out free with the purchase of the book while supplies last.

The-Death-of-wolverine-1-skottie-youngTo make things even better, we’ve got these cool memorial cards to hand out free too!

wolveine_memorial_cardThere will also be the usual assortment of variants.

September is always the month that DC does something special to draw attention to their books. This month all titles will jump five years into the future for one shot specials with 3D lenticular covers!

Detective_Comics_Future's_End_#1Learning from the 3D cover shortage of last year, DC had us orders these books months in advance to make sure we get everything we ordered. However, the print run is now set, so whatever hits the table at noon this Wednesday is all we will get for this week. Plan ahead!

There will be Forty-One 3D covers in September, and we’ve got ten coming out this week:

  • Action Comics: Future’s End #1
  • Aquaman Future’s End #1
  • Batwing Future’s End #1
  • Detective Comics Future’s End #1
  • Earth 2 Future’s End #1
  • Grayson Future’s End #1
  • Green Arrow Future’s End #1
  • Green Lantern Future’s End #1
  • Swamp Thing Future’s End #1
  • Trinity of Sin Phantom Stranger #1

Each story will stand alone but will also contribute to the greater whole of the New 52 Future’s End weekly series.

This week is also the final issue of Original Sin!

Original_Sin_#8Original Sin #8 will determine the final fate of Nick Fury by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato. We’ve got more Watcher eyes balls to give away, and this batch is red instead of blue. Just ask for one at the counter when you check out.

Done? We’re just getting warmed up. The much anticipated Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #0 is in!

Hawkeye_Vs_Deadpool_#0Two of Marvel’s top properties will go bow to bow in this four issue mini series! (plus this #0 prequel issue!) This is the sort of team up that would have made me freak out as a kid. (I’m still really excited actually.)

Also exciting is the Grendel vs The Shadow mini series from Dark Horse and Matt Wagner!

Grendal_Vs_Shadow_#Grendel has a cult following in the shop that we sort of grew ourselves. Matt Wagner will be writing and drawing this title so our expectations are through the roof.

In general this is a great week for Marvel, including another issue of Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon!

Rocket_Raccoon_#3Other must read books this week include Legendary Star Lord #3, Moon Knight #7 (now by Brian Wood), Iron Fist the Living Weapon,  and Uncanny X-men #25. (which has suddenly gotten really good during the Original Sin crossover.

Boom’s another company that has it wired this week, with most of their major titles coming out like Big Trouble In Little China, Lumberjanes, The Woods, and their new series Cloaks.

Woods_#1The Woods Graphic Novel will also be out and priced at only $9.99!

“On October 16, 2013, 437 students, 52 teachers, and 24 additional staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School in suburban Milwaukee, WI vanished without a trace. Countless light years away, far outside the bounds of the charted universe, 513 people find themselves in the middle of an ancient, primordial wilderness. Where are they? Why are they there? The answers will prove stranger than anyone could possibly imagine.” 

But wait, there’s more! How could I not feature this one shot from Aazurn publishing? Number One #1!

Number_#1Comic Shop Owner. Isn’t a job. It’s a calling.

A bit dramatic, but hey, it’s comic books.

Whew, that’s it for this week! Be sure to come in early for the best selection! (We don’t want anyone going away bummed out or empty handed!)

We’ll see you this week at the comic book shop!