New Releases for the week of 4-29-2015

We’re going to make it brief this week, as we’re working diligently to make this weekend’s Free Comic Book Day plans a reality. 

Here are the featured new comic releases coming out Wednesday, April 29th, 2015.


Welcome to DC Convergence Week Four! This week is set in the pre-Crisis DC Universe on any Earth other than Earth One. (If that’s confusing already, just grab a few titles that look interesting.) Here’s what some of the writer’s and artist have to say about week four:

Action Comics #1: The classic Golden Age heroes from Earth Two against the creeps from Superman Red Son.

Convergence Action #1Covergence Blue Beetle #1Blue Beetle #1: Characters from the Charlton universe like Captain Atom, Blue Beetle and the Question.
Booster Gold #1: Old Booster and new with critical keys to the resolution of the entire storyline.
Crime Syndicate #1: The other creeps from Earth Three who caused all the commotion during Forever Evil. 

Convergence Detective Comics #1Detective Comics #1: Earth Two Robin and Huntress from the dream team of Len Wein, Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz.
Infinity Inc #1: Jerry Ordway revisits the classic sons and daughters of the Earth Two Universe. (and Jonah Hex too.)
Justice Society of America: Dan Abnett and the classic Earth Two line up.
Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters #1: The Quality Universe and a classic DC 70’s title.
Shazam! #1: Jeff Parker is always a winner with the Big Red Cheese vs the Steampunk Gotham characters.
World’s Finest Comics #1: The Seven Soldiers of Victory without Grant Morrison.

Secret Wars and the End of Days for some Marvel Titles

To prepare for Secret Wars, quite a few Marvel titles are ending this week, including Fantastic Four #645.

Fantastic Four #645Other titles ending this week are Avengers #44, New Avengers #33, Superior Iron Man #8 (in theory) and All New Captain America #6 (again in theory)

If you wonder about the ‘in theory’ part, it’s because Marvel keeps us in the dark as much as anyone else, but this weekend should be a big reveal, with the release of Avengers 2 and two books that are coming out on Free Comic Book Day. Secret Wars #0 and the All New All Different Avengers!

Secret Wars #0Prepare yourself for the final days of the Marvel Universe as you know it as the march to the biggest comic event of the year continues! From the ashes of a decimated cosmos rises…Battleworld! Amid the strange, patchwork realm, refugees from thousands of obliterated universes struggle for survival. Even if they can endure the horrors of Battleworld – the home they knew has been destroyed! Time has run out, and the opening salvo of Secret Wars has been fired. But can anything restore the Marvel Universe that once was? “

all-new-all-different-avengersIron Man! Captain America! Thor! Black Widow! Hawkeye! Hulk! Vision! Everyone’s favorite heroes take on a dangerous new threat!”

In addition to being able to get these two books FREE on free comic book day, we’ll also have a sampler of all the new Secret Wars titles to give you as you exit the free comic book day line. It won’t even count as one of you ten free books!


And on that note, DC’s counter to Marvel on FCBD 2015 is DC Divergence #1

Divergence“A first look at upcoming storylines! DC Comics: Divergence features three 8-page previews for the June releases of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman, as well as Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s launch of the “Darkseid War” within Justice League featuring the biggest villains in the DCU – Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, and Gene Luen Yang’s DC Comics debut with celebrated artist John Romita, Jr on Superman.”

If it doesn’t sound like much, both Jim and Ben are calling it the best FBCD Book they’ve ever read. Whoa.

But the reality is that you get to pick the ten comics you want on FCBD so start looking here:

Okay, that’s it for this week! Ger ready for another email this week with bio’s on this years guest artists!