Local Comic Shop Day 11-19-2016

squaregraphic_lcsg16-300x300 Local Comic Shop Day is this Saturday, November 19th, 2016.

Modeled after Record Store Day, LCSD features exclusives items that are available only in brick and mortar independently owned comic book shops!


These items are extremely limited, and are available at 10 am on Saturday on a first come first serve basis!

Out of the 28 items available check them all out here we’re happy to report that we’re getting 25 different items.

Here’s a list of what we’re getting including quantities and prices:

  • LCSD 2016 DOLLFACE PRINT (1) $5.00
  • LCSD 2016 DOLLFACE #1 (5) $3.99
  • LCSD 2016 ROUGH RIDERS NATION #1 (15) $3.99 A really cool handbook with new content showcasing the Rough Riders from different decades.


  • LCSD 2016 BLACK HOOD SEASON 2 #1 (MR) (5) $3.99
  • LCSD 2016 GODKILLER SECRET ITEM (2) $24.99 It’s a sweet vinyl lp soundtrack to the graphic novel.
  • LCSD 2016 GODKILLER DELUXE HC (3) $39.99
  • LCSD 2016 THE FOREVERS SECRET ITEM (5) $4.99 It’s an ashcan of extra material.
  • LCSD 2016 KIM AND KIM #1 (2) $3.99
  • LCSD 2016 DISCIPLES HC VOL 01 (MR) (5) $24.99
  • LCSD 2016 KLAUS HC LOCAL COMIC SHOP EXC (C: 0-1-2) (2) $34.99
  • LCSD 2016 WWE LTD ED BUNDLE (C: 0-1-2) (1) $49.99 Originally a San Diego Exclusive, available complete for the first time.
  • LCSD 2016 SERENITY NO POWER IN THE VERSE #1 VAR (19) $3.99 In case you just feel like picking up one book to celebrate the day.




  • LCSD 2016 OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA HC VOL 01 EXC (4) $39.99 Highly recommended by me, the first twelve issue of Kirkman’s other comic. If you want to walk away with a great indie story this is it.


  • LCSD 2016 MOONSHINE #1 MILLER B&W EXC (10) $2.99
  • LCSD 2016 LYING CAT STATUE EXC (1) $100 We only got one! Right out of Saga with a limited edition black and white paint job.


  • LCSD 2016 NOW CHAMPIONS #1 NEAL ADAMS VAR (12) $4.99
  • LCSD 2016 DOCTOR STRANGE OATH EXCLUSIVE HC (8) $39.99 Remember we were hyping this story up last week? Well Marvel thought it would be a good book for the day too. Great story by Brain Vaughan of Saga.
  • LCSD 2016 THE TICK (ONE SHOT) (5) $4.99
  • LCSD 2016 RICK & MORTY #0 TREASURY ED (7) $14.99


  • LCSD 2016 INVADER ZIM #0 (8) $9.99 Lots of supplemental material. For completists.
  • LCSD 2016 BLOODSHOT USA #1 (OF 4) FUSO VA (3) $3.99

With the purchase of any LCSD item, we’ll also throw in a free Captain America or Spider-Woman graphic novel. (We’ve had these things sitting around the shop for awhile, and we thought we’d use them to sweeten the pot a bit.)

The boys also have a box of comics to give away when you check out, so ask them for something cool and they’ll give you a couple free books based on what you’re buying and they’d think you’d like!

lcsdrgb_2-1Hot on the heals of LCSD is our longest running shop event, out Black Friday Midnight Sale!


2016-black-friday-fb-share_shopping2Our Black Friday sale has become our longest running shop event now in it’s 21st year. (we’ve had this event since before Black Friday and Portland Riots were even invented.)

While it’s easily our biggest sale of the year, it has actually become sort of an anti Black Friday Event. We have our event from 7 pm to midnight on Friday evening, so that we are not a part of prying you away from your family during the holiday. Our goal is to provide a fun shopping experience and not some epic consumer battle. We also know that quite a few of our customers work retail themselves, and this late night event gives then a place to unwind and do some shopping themselves before heading home.

So here it is, On Friday November 25th from 7pm to midnight we’ll be having our annual Black Friday Sale.

For this sale we open up our back room and the foyer with over 50,000 comic books at $1.00 each. There will be new boxes from collections we have purchased and not got around to processing. (So have at it, diggers get the prize!)

Also that night:

  • 20% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers
  • 50% off all Back Issues
  • 20% off the New Comic Wall
  • 20% off Statues and Action Figures
  • Discount Graphic Novel Bins reduced to 75% off.
  • 10% off EVERYTHING else in the shop. (you know, stuff like supplies, pints glasses, everything!)
  • And most importantly…

THE RAFFLES! This has become the most popular part of the night.

We’ll be raffling off 50 hand picked Graphic Novels at a rate of 5 every half hour starting at 7:30 pm. You get a raffle ticket for every 10 dollars you spend and the tickets stay in there all night long. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! This greatly increases your chance of winning if you stick around. We also do other random raffles throughout the night when the energy is up! Tickets are non transferable and you can win up to three times.

At midnight we raffle off a $100 gift certificate. You must also be present to win that. Lots of people head out for a few hours and return at midnight for a chance to win. (Grab a beer at the Red Lantern!

We’ll provide snacks and pop during the night, and word is a couple of those drinks become adult beverages around 10 pm. (Or earlier if someone talks me into it.)

On a non comic book side note, I trimmed down my book collection at home and there will be 30 boxes of non comic book books in the back of the shop for $2.00 each. Books about music, punk rock, movies, television shows, any bizarre things that I’ve ever over researched though out my life. Come crawl around my brain and take a chunk out of it for $2. (seriously, 30 long boxes of stuff.) Maybe even some CD’s too.

So if you’ve been thinking about making a trip to the shop from out of town, this is the night you’ve been waiting for.

We will have sales all weekend from Friday to Sunday, but nothing as amazing as Friday Night. We’ll also keep the $1.00 bins out all weekend too, in case you can’t make it up for the event.

Thanks as always for making us a part of your holiday shopping season!