New Releases at CNJComics for 1-11-2017

Just a quick email for some of the cool stuff that came out on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017!


After a great opening storyline by John Romita Jr, All Star Batman returns with an issue drawn by JOCK and written by Scott Snyder. This one’s featured villain is Mr. Freeze.

The Justice League meets the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger in a six issue mini series. The first person they encounter is Batman, so you can guess how that turns out.

Here’s a really great variant cover to the book as well.

Speaking of Batman, volume one of his Rebirth Graphic Novel is out. This is a highly recommended book written by breakaway writer Tom King. (Check out his Omega Men and Sheriff of Baghdad graphic novels as well.)

Aquaman’s first Rebirth graphic novel is this week too.

It’s a little ways out but get ready for a Batman/Flash crossover in April, as these two Detectives finally start to take a look into the ‘Button’ from DC:Rebirth #1. (You know, the Watchmen thing.)

We’ll also be giving away free copies of the 2017 DC Essentials Book, a really great round up of the best graphic novels DC has to offer. We always try to keep these books on hand so if you want to get into comics or just expand your horizons, ask at the counter and we’ll give you one on the house.


Civil War II kind of bombed, but the staff is really enjoying IVX right now.

You can tell writer Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine) has been crafting this story in his mind for quite some time. Some really cool match ups between all the players involved.

Another staff pick is Green Valley from Image Comics. Max Landis and lots of unexpected twists. (Like, for real. We love it.)

Finally, we’ve got a collection of all the Archie #1’s that lead to the creation of the new TV Show debuting on January 26th, Riverdale.

That’s it for this week! Welcome again to 2017.