Free Comic Book Day VIP Raffle and More Info

The countdown to Free Comic Book Day has begun and another of our traditions is the yearly FCBD VIP Raffle!


Visit the shop between Tuesday April 25 and Monday May 1st and you will receive a raffle slip for every regularly priced graphic novel that you buy. There is no limit to the amount of times you can enter, you get a slip with every book you purchase. Winners will be drawn when we close down the shop on Monday May 1st; you do not need to be present to win. We will pull two winners. Each winner also gets to pick a friend to share in the VIP treatment!

VIP Winners receive:

  • Two swanky FCBD VIP Lanyards so everyone knows who you are.
  • Two full sets of all 50 FCBD books.
  • A Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus filled with the greatest Marvel stories of the last 75 years. ($100 value)
  • Two personally autographed FCBD lithographs.
  • VIP photos taken by our amazing photographers.
  • Two autographed Iron Man graphic novels by guest Marc Sumerak.
  • Two autographed Lake Erie Monster comics by Jake Kelly and John Greiner.
  • Be the first to try the FCBD custom beers at the night event. (must be 21 or older.)
  • Other things we decide to throw in the bag at the last minute to surprise you. (It’s not fun to know everything.)
  • Basically you get to enjoy every aspect of Free Comic Book Day without ever having to wait in line for anything.

Is that worth buying an extra graphic novel of two for a chance to throw your hat into the ring? Absolutely.

Here’s a look at two of last year’s winners…

Look at the relaxation in their faces as they realize they have nowhere to be but we’re they’re standing. (Phil is now our official podcaster at the event with “The Panel Scanners” crew. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Even though our official event email only went out two days ago, we’ve already got some updates on more stuff that’s going on.

Mobile picture at the night event will be taken by Heather Campbell. Keep an eyes out for her as you make your way around the event. Members of the Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters will be attending the night event, along with the Ecto Mobile.

Local Small Business corespondent Nikki Delamotte has listed our FCBD event as one of the top one hundred things to do in Cleveland before you Die in her new book.

Stop by Red Lantern in the plaza during the midnight event to take a breather. You’ll get some extra comics (Robert Kirkman’s comics Walking Dead – Outcast – Invincible) with any drink or food purchase. Word is they’re keeping the kitchen open till midnight. Stop by Peace Love and Little Donuts in the plaza before the day event to sugar up your kids and get another free comic. (We’re also working on some Power Man and Iron Fist donuts for the bar.)

If your kids are hanging out in the foyer play area during the day event, we’ve got 146 Kawaii cubes that we’ll be giving away. Styles will include Star Trek, Suicide Squad and Superman Vs Batman. When it’s time to take your kid out of there you can smooth the interaction over by telling them, “yes, you can have one of those cubes over there.” (Please just take one per child.)

To re-energize the day event in the afternoon, Adam Pate will be doing free superhero caricatures from 2pm to 6pm in the free comic / artist room. Adam is the fastest caricaturist in the world and a great guy too!

Did you know there are FCBD exclusive items to purchase now? We weren’t big on the idea at first but it’s only two items, they’re extremely limited, and reasonably priced. We figured we’d be doing everyone a disservice if we didn’t carry them. They will go on sale at midnight on Friday in the shop. $11.99 for the Iron Fist Pop and $9.99 for the Wonder Woman Bombshell.

Speaking of buying stuff on FCBD, we always get asked “what should I buy?” Well let’s put this thought into your head early. Two awesome new #1’s will be hitting the new comic book table just in time for FCBD and the release of the Guardians movie. Secret Empire #1 and the All New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 come out on May 3rd.

After you pick up the FCBD Secret Empire Special for free, you’re going to want to have this book in your hand anyway to follow up on the story. Plus, Guardians. (want to get really jazzed up for FCBD? Listen to the new Guardians Soundtrack. Southern Nights by Glen Campbell? Hells yeah.)

Okay! That’s it for now!