Wonder Woman Day – 6-3-2017

This Saturday, June 3rd is Wonder Woman Day, celebrated in businesses off all sorts across the globe! Since we had a significant WW event last year in conjunction with Kent State University and the Cleveland Public Library, we decided to make this one pretty simple. The movie is holding at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes so we’re pretty excited that DC finally knocked one out of the park.


Stop by the shop this Saturday and we’ve got some pretty cool stuff for you, FREE with any purchase. Stuff like Wonder Woman Day Special Edition, a reprint of the first DC Rebirth issue.

As well as the DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman Day Special Edition. featuring a chapter from the upcoming Summer Olympus Graphic Novel.

We have 400 of each book to give away, as well as 250 sets of WW Tiara’s and Bracelets. Made of cardboard they look like this:

We just restocked our WW graphic novel selection, so we have at least one of each book in print, as well as multiple copies of popular titles.

We’ll be giving 10% off all WW graphic novels and any other WW merchandise in the shop. We restocked our action figures as well.

We’ll also be giving 50% off all Wonder Woman back issues, so be sure to dip in the bins and pull out some classics.

That’s all we got! Go check out that movie!