All Americon, Thursday New Comics and Summer Sale

Just a quick info blast this week as we enjoy our 4th of July.


IMPORTANT: Due to circumstances with the greatest distributor in the world, Diamond Comics, new comics this week will not be available until Thursday! This is a national and not a local thing, no matter what you read. Check back on our Facebook page around 5pm on Wednesday for any updates on this matter. Boooooo.

We’ll be at All AmeriCon  this weekend in Youngstown, with Ben and Jason there on Saturday, and John D and Jim on Sunday. Stop by our booth and say hi! I’ll be there to pick up an awesome commission from guest of honor Bob Layton, where he re-imagined the cover of Tales of Suspense #57 (Hawkeye’s first appearance) as if were set in 1979 during the Demon in a Bottle storyline. 


Also, mark your calendar for our summer sale from July 20th to the 23, timed to coincide with San Diego Comicon. It’s one of two times during the year that we get to pull everything out of our storage locker for only $1 each! Expect discounts on everything in the shop, as well as the much anticipated 50% off back issues! We bought up York Comics left over inventory, so all of the will be available as well. We’ll have more details on that in next week’s email. 

Winston’s influence spreads even farther! If you’re thinking about going to Wizard World Columbus this year, use the code: WINSTON to get 20% off your tickets. We’ve worked it our so that this is the best deal you will get on these tickets anywhere. (I hate that cat.)

Here’s the photo album from this years Super Hero Boot Camp at BAYarts. Thanks to Heather Young for the amazing photographs! My daughter was even allowed to run the course this year, which made one of my favorite events even better. Congrats to all these newly trained superheroes. (Bananas’s For You!)

Better late than never! Here’s the wrap up videos for this years FCBD 2017:

Night Event:

Day Event:

Thanks to Jameson for getting these together for us and for everyone who showed up to make it a great year. 

Here’s the link to the Panel Scanners Podcasts, recorded live at the FCBD night event! There’s even a segment with Carol in there! Good stuff and we thank them for coming out this year!

That’s it! Summer is here!