Dark Nights Metal and Solar Eclipse

Dark Nights Metal is finally here! We’ve read it and it’s everything we hoped and more. After an incredible journey on Batman, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have teamed up on a six issue mini series featuring the Justice League with Batman taking center stage. The book hints at classic DC History, Grant Morrison’s Multiverse, Vertigo Comics as well as Snyder and Capullo’s own Batman run.


The journey will take months and there’s many routes to go. We always recommend just the core six issue title, then just follow the paths that interest you. Here’s a checklist you can print out and return to us at the shop.

Here’s a good article laying out the checklist with more detail. 

The Batman one shots will feature evil incarnations of Batman/Justice League member hybrids! Evil Flash/Batman! Evil Aquaman/Batman! This is a great way to get excited about the new Justice League movie as well!


We highly recommend checking out the first issue! The big two can do all the marketing they want but it all comes down to story. For this one they delivered.


With the Solar Eclipse Coming on Monday we always know there’s a chance Eclipso will pop up and end the Universe, so we’ve decided to do a one day pop up sale.

  • 50% off Back Issues!
  • And an unprecedented 90% off the discount graphic novel bins. (we need to clear out some space for new collections we have bought)

Just one day, on MONDAY, AUGUST 21st!

Batman and Eclipso! What more could you want?

Enjoy Metal and the Eclipse!