Marvel Generations / Jack Kirby Influences at CNJComics 8-2-2017

Marvel Generations begins this week, and we start to see the influences of Jack Kirby on the eve of his 100th birthday.

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017.

Over the next two months Marvel will be releasing ten one shots meant to establish the connection between the old and new generations of their characters. This all begins this week with Generations The Strongest: Totally Awesome Hulk and Banner Hulk!

Each book will have a hand picked writer who’s appropriate for the team up, and this week’s is World War Hulk’s Greg Pak. Each story is stand alone with elements that will bleed over into the new Marvel Legacy.

Here’s a check list for the upcoming books. You can just print it out and turn it in at the shop, or email us with the books you would like added to your file!

August 28th will be Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday, and we can’t think of a more important event in comic book history. Without Jack, none of this would have happened.

There’s even a campaign to get Jack a Google Doodle on the day.

We’ve decided to celebrate his birthday on Saturday, September 16th, to avoid any conflict with other events across the country. Expect an appropriate tribute to the King.

For now, there will be plenty of new material to get you ready to celebrate this historic occasion!

First up, we’re proud to say we pitched an idea to Marvel about producing $1.00 reprints of classic Jack Kirby material, and they went for it!

There will be twelve books altogether, and we ordered a bunch so we don’t have to worry about selling out. This week we’ve got the reprint of Avengers #4 and Black Panther #1.

Here’s the full checklist for these books.

DC will be releases six one shots this month with writers and artists doing tributes to their favorite Kirby characters. This week’s is New Gods One Shot by Shane Davis and Walter Simonson. Each book will have classic Kirby reprints as well.

Here’s more info on them.

One of Jack’s cult classic teams will be hitting the big and small screen next month in the Inhumans, and after seeing that trailer we’re pretty sure Lockjaw will be the breakout star there. Marvel could have walked away from this character, but we’re totally happy they embraced him instead. This week we have a $7.99 mini graphic novel collecting some of his classic appearances.


One of the main focuses of our birthday event will be Jack’s Marvel Monster work. The Rust Belt Monster Collective will be painting a 16 foot mural live at the event, with their versions of Kirby’s monsters attacking the city of Cleveland! You can get a glimpse into this world with the second volume of the Marvel Monster by Lee and Kirby Omnibus.

Want to do a little work in the footsteps of greatness? Check out this week’s Color Your Own Marvel Masters, where you can color in the line work of the likes of Kirby, Ditko, Buscema and more! Basically every classic Marvel 60’s artist.

Finally, to end on a ludicrous note, Garfield meets Grumpy Cat this week. “Why do they take an instant dislike to each other? Because it saves time…”

That’s it for this week!