Batman Day 2017 on 9-23-17 at CNJComics

This Saturday, September 23rd, is Batman 2017. We pretty much knocked it out of the park the first year, but since then the day has been commodified by big box stores. 

This year we will have a simple system to hand out the free merchandise so that you don’t have to deal with the cold feeling those lofted ceiling give you in your soul. 

This year the day has been hijacked by Harley Quinn, to celebrate her 25th Anniversary! 

So, stop in the shop on Saturday and you’ll get three exclusive comics free with any purchase!

  • Batman Day 2017 Special Edition. A reprint of ‘I Am Bane’ part one by Tom King with a Dark Knight Returns Homage cover. 

  • Harley Quinn Batman Day 2017 Special Edition. A reprint of ‘Joker Loves Harley’ part one, as a newer, kinder Joker tries to win Harley back. 

  • DC Super Hero Girls Batman Dat 2017 Special Edition. The first chapter of the upcoming ‘Out of the Bottle’ graphic novel. 

We have lots of these to give away, so we should be good for all day Saturday and Sunday

We’ve also got four different paper masks to give away, Batman by Lee, Batman by Kubert, Batman by Romita Jr, and Harley Quinn!


You will get a full set of ALL four of these masks FREE with any Batman or Harley Quinn purchase of $20 or more. Comics, Graphic Novels, Action Figures, whatever. These masks look great in pictures and if you snap a cool pic with them tag it #cnjcomics so we can check it out!

We’ve got around 125 sets of masks to give away, FYI.And that’s it! Batman has so many great comics and graphic novels that it’ll be easy to fill that $20 purchase!

Lastly we’d like to thank everyone who came out for our Jack Kirby Centennial Event. We raised $2,014 for Kirby4heroes to benefit the Hero Initiative! (We also ended up with a pretty cool new mural as well!)

Love live the King!