Featured New Releases for 9-6-2017

Generations continues, Venomverse begins, the countdown to the Last Jedi starts, Bombshells begins anew and some pretty swell Omnibuses dot this weeks new release landscape. 

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, September 6th, 2017


We’ve got another month of Generations One Shots until Legacy #1 on September 27th. This week’s team up is classic Iron Man (hopefully drunk, but I think Riri has already experienced that) with Iron Heart by Brian Bendis. It looks like Infamous Iron Man (which I really like, being a Doom fan and all) and Invincible Iron Man will combine after the events of Legacy #1, as we’ll find out who really gets to carry the mantle. 

FEATURED RELEASESIf there’s one thing people can never get enough of it’s Venom and Thanos. Marvel gets it right when they pull these dream ideas out of our childhood, like a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid, or in this case a rag tag team of Venomized superheroes led by the original Venom. 

This five issue mini will also be supplemented by Venomverse War Stories, with this week’s issue featured a Venom Punisher and a Venom Rocket Raccoon. (See what I mean?)


Marvel and IDW are staring to ramp up their Star Wars titles in anticipation of The Last Jedi on December 15th.

In addition to a new issue of Darth Vader and a Darth Maul Graphic Novel, we’ve also got a new Captain Phasma mini series which bridges the gap for the character between Force Awakes and Last Jedi. Phasma was meant to be their new Boba Fett, with the helmet never coming off, but I think she was a bit mishandled. 

I’m not a conspiracy guy, but I got my daughter all excited that there was a woman under that armor, and when I tried to prove it by taking the helmet off the lego figure all I found was a blank grey head. How’s that for keeping women out of the boys toys. Oh well. 

Marvel has allowed IDW to publish their new all ages title, Star Wars Adventures, and we say it’s about time. 

Each issue will feature two short stories, this issue with one of Rey from her Jakku days, and one featuring Obi-Wan. Enough to keep everyone happy. 


There will also be a $100 Omnibus collecting all the Marvel UK stuff from the 70’s and 80’s, Quite a price tag but this stuff is super rare for completists. 

For fans of burlesque, DC’s war era pin up title Bombshells United picks up where the previous one left off, this time with a focus on Wonder Woman and her proteges.

Written monthly by Marguerite Bennett, who pens my favorite indie, Animosity.  

For some reason both of the big two put one some $100 Omnibuses this week, and the material is all worth the format. 

First is Planet Hulk! While Thor Ragnarok will likely only pull from this story conceptually, it was still a true epic and arguably the best Hulk story of all time. 

Other Omnibuses this week include the aforementioned Star Wars UK, Punisher Back To War (all the stuff leading up to and including the first mini series. Great stuff where the Punisher is an actual villain who shoots Jay Walkers.), Punisher by Garth Ennis (All the Marvel Knights material) and the Harley Quinn by Conner and Palmiotti (all the Amanda Conner material!!)

Lastly, here’s a link to our Jack Kirby Centennial event on Saturday, September 16th. We’ll be raising funds for the Kirby4Heroes Initiative while giving away some great free and exclusive stuff, as well as bringing out the Rust Belt Monster Collective to paint a new shop mural. Back issues will be 50% off on the day to give you another good reason to show up! 

That’s it, and we hope to see you soon at the shop!