Marvel Legacy #1 at CNJComics 9-27-2017

This is it! Marvel Legacy #1 comes out this Wednesday, September 27th, 2017! This is the beginning of Marvel’s new direction and their answer to DC’s Rebirth last year. 


This issue features the return of the first of many classic Marvel characters. (I know who it is, and it is a big deal. The reveal made me breathe a big sigh of relief.)

This issue also introduces the Avengers of one million BC, whose roster includes many of Marvel’s iconic characters who pass their mantle on over the generations, such as Doctor Strange, Phoenix, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Odin and Starbrand.

Here’s a brief video from Marvel explaining the focus of their initiative:


We will be carrying 15 different covers for this book, but we’re proud to say that we will be selling the main cover for $2.99 instead of the listed $5.99. We qualified for a deal from Marvel and we’re passing that savings on to you. We want to get this book into as many hand as possible.!You will also receive a free copy of FOOM! magazine, a throwback to Marvel’s fanzine from the 70’s. (I own a near full collection, missing only issue #10, which is ‘considered’ the first appearance of the New X-Men. The magazine was full of worthless information that expanded on the culture of the Marvel Bullpen. Stuff like photo’s from their company baseball games, weird layouts from Sterenko, etc. I Love it. )

You will also get a free Marvel Legacy Previews book with your purchase. That’s a lot of stuff for only a $2.99 buy in!

<insert Marvel Previews>This is also the final week for the Marvel Generation One shots, and It looks like they saved the best for last, as Miles Morales gets to meet geeky Peter Parker written by Brian Bendis, and Sam Wilson gets to see Steve Rogers in his prime during World War II by Nick Spencer. (For the record, Secret Empire Omega was one of the best Captain America issues I’ve read in years. I great dissection of the character, America, and Marvel Comics itself. The book made me optimistic for Marvel’s future.) 

We will also be displaying the previous Generations one shots in case you missed any of them. They’re all light-<insert Generations Captain America><insert Generations Captain America>hearted fun, with a couple surprises and foreshadowing thrown in. (Who knew Odin and the Phoenix Force had a thing back in the day?)

Wondering about all those other covers and how much they’ll cost? Here’s the breakdown on what we’ll have. We’re not holding any of them, they will be first come first serve starting tomorrow at noonPlease be advised that file discounts do not apply to these books. We are well below the aftermarket sale price, so please shop around. Also, please do not pick up the variants and carry them around tomorrow if you are not 100% buying it. We’ve had trouble with this in the past. 

  • Marvel Legacy #1 Regular Cover ($2.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Alex Ross Variant 1:50 ($25)
  • Marvel Legacy Brooks Wraparound Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Christopher Trading Card Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Deodato Wraparound Variant 1:500 ($100)
  • Marvel Legacy Dodson Party Sketch Variant (One per store) ($40)
  • Marvel Legacy Land Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Party Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Quesada Lenticular Variant ($5.99)
  • Marvel Legacy Quesada Premier Variant (2 per store) ($40)
  • Marvel Legacy Reeder Woman of Marvel Variant (1:25) ($10)
  • Marvel Legacy Ross BW Variant (1:100) ($40)
  • Marvel Legacy Schiti Retailer Variant (One per store) ($40)
  • Marvel Legacy Young Variant ($5.99)

We love our variant chasers, but our primary goal is to get this book into as many hands as possible to READ. 

Alright! Get ready to sit down and read a pretty darn good comic book, and MAKE MINE MARVEL!


If you enjoy Marvel Legacy and want to read further after that, here’s a checklist for all the new storylines beginning in October. 

You can print this out and turn it in or just email back with the books you’d like to get. 

We’re recommending Captain Marvel #125, Despicable Deadpool #287 and #288, Falcon #1, Incredible Hulk #709, Invincible Iron Man #593 and especially Mighty Thor #700. These books all spin directly out of the contents of Legacy #1!

For the record, as many of you have asked, we’re only getting the Lenticular covers for four books, and they will be cover price: America #8, Cable #150, Defenders #6 and Uncanny Avengers #28 (which is a Beast/Wonder Man story, which I’m all about.)