Marvel Legacy and Dark Days Metal at CNJComics 10-4-2017

It’s one of those really terrific weeks at the comic shop, with loads of new product hitting the shelves.

Here’s the featured new releases for Wednesday, October 4th, 2017.


This is the first week for the new Marvel Legacy titles. Each book is a new starting point with some component that pulls in some of Marvel’s rich history. Each issue also features three extra primer pages to give you a quick recap of the character or team featured in the book.

Marvel has returned to ‘Legacy Numbering’, and where appropriate, has given a numbering guide to show you how they got to where they are today.

Here’s a few examples of this week’s stand out Legacy titles:

Avengers #672 : Written by Mark Waid and springing out of the Generations One Shots, it’s the Avengers verse the Champions!

And here’s how they came up with issue #672.

Iron Fist #73: Featuring Sabertooth, who made his first appearance in the title way back in issue #14 in 1977.

Venom #155: Featuring the return of classic Venom artist Mark Bagley and Kraven the Hunter.

Jessica Jones #13: For fans of the Netflix show, we’ve got the return of the Purple Man by the crew that dragged him through Jessica’s life the first time around, Brian Bendis and Mike Gaydos.

Other Legacy titles this week include X-Men Gold #13, Ice Man #6, Spirits of Vengeance #1 and Royals #9.

While not a Legacy title, Punisher Platoon is also out this week, and marks Garth Ennis’ return to the character. This six issue mini series tracks Frank’s journey through Vietnam, including his first kill and first command. Mature readers only! (duh.) Garth Ennis back on Punisher!!!!!

We’d like to thank everyone for making Marvel Legacy #1 our best selling book of the year, at this point we’ve sold over 400 copies. We still have some of the standard cover available for only $2.99, and you still get the free copy of FOOM! and Marvel Spotlight with it. (That’s a lot of stuff for only $2.99!)


While Marvel’s finding it’s ground with Legacy, DC is full out killing it with Batman and Dark Days Metal. We can’t keep these book on our shelves.

So many people added the Batman One Shots to their file that this week’s Batman The Dawnbreaker is already sold out, as is Batman The Drowned coming out on 10/18, and Batman The Merciless on 10/25.

File customers have nothing to worry about, so consider opening a file at the shop! You only have to hold five books a month, pick them up monthly, and you get 10% off all your new comic purchases. (Plus you need never miss a book again!) Just ask for the low down at the counter!

Fear not though! DC is reprinting all these books, and they will all be coming out on 10/25. In an unprecedented move, both the first and second prints of Batman the Merciless will be released on the same day, 10/25. File customers who have the book on hold will be getting the first prints.

This week’s Batman is also a pretty big deal, apart from being this final part of the War of Jokes and Riddles, it also has Catwoman’s response to Batman’s wedding proposal. DC warned us that this is a pretty huge issue with national coverage.

Batman White Night is a standout, and is written and drawn by Scott Snyder’s go to guy Sean Murphy. This seven issue mini series sees a sane Joker trying to save the city from the one true villain, The Batman. Murphy’s punkish line work is second to none, and this book will likely go down as a perennial classic. Sean Murphy is just plain cool.

Lastly on this front, Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica in a six issue mini series written by Harley’s creator Paul Dini. Something about free college tuition and wetlands or something. Can anyone say cheese-cake?

In addition to a new issue of Walking Dead, we also have a hardcover collecting all the chapters of Negan’s origin story from Image Plus. Learn how this true American went from being a creepy gym teacher to running his own movement through hard work and determination!

Seriously, this is one to run to the shop for if you follow the show.

We’re also gearing up for this year’s Halloween Comic Fest 2017, which will be one Saturday, October 28th and will feature the usually free candy, comics and photography services. Check out the record amount of free comics that will be given away here:

We’ve also secured Heather Young to take pictures again from 10am to 3pm, so plan your visit accordingly.

Whew! That’s it! October is the only nice weather month of the year in Cleveland, so enjoy it with a few comics!