More Discount Graphic Novels at CNJComics 1-17-2018

Well we did really great with our curated discount graphic novel selection last week, so we decided to add a few more books to the list. Thanks to all for supporting this idea, we’ll be doing it more often. 

We still have copies of Punisher Girls in White Dresses for $3.00, Ultimate Comics New Ultimate Thor Reborn for $1.00, and both Vertigo Samplers for $2.00 each. All the rest have sold out! 

We’ve got four new titles to add this week.

Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Volume Four

Regular Price: $19.99 for only $4.00!

Runaways Dead End Kids

I’ve been enjoying the Hulu television series, so it seemed appropriate to include a graphic novel here. The series was originally written by Brian K Vaughan (of Saga fame) and when he signed off, Joss Whedon took over and sent the kids to New York City. This was part of a deal where Brian took over the Buffy comics for a bit while Joss took over for him here. 
Regular Price: $15.99 for only $3.00!

Mystique by Brian K Vaughan

Speaking of Brian, here’s him practicing his skills over at Marvel Comics before his work on Y The Last Man, Ex Machina, and Saga made him famous. 
Regular Price: $24.99 for only $5.00!

Ultimate Comics Divided We Fall United We Stand

At a time when the Ultimate Comics line was losing it’s steam, this really cool epic broke the decline and was super fun. Written by Brian Bendis, Brian Wood and Sam Humphries, things get so bad that Captain America takes over as President of the United States. (Not just running for President as before.) This story also had some early Miles Morales material, and the whole story spans eighteen issues. 
Regular Price: $34.99 for only $6.00!

In our down time during the month of January, we’ll be restructuring the Marvel back issues a bit to make the order more unified. As we go we’re be refilling stuff and processing a few collections we bought. We’ve just completed the Marvel Ultimate Comics section, and we now have three boxes of excess comics in order for only 50 cents each.

There’s some really great stuff in there by Bendis, Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, Robert Kirkman, and the aforementioned Brian K Vaughan. (He did Ultimate X-Men for awhile, as did Robert Kirkman.) Bring in your lists to dig through these boxes, and expect more in order discount bins in the future!

That’s it! We’re keeping things pretty mellow for the month. 

Oh yeah, it’s never too soon to start thinking about Free Comic Book Day! Check out this year’s books here!