Some Bargain Graphic Novels and New Releases for 1-10-2018

Welcome to our first email of 2018!


We’ve got a couple cool new projects from Marvel this week, as well as some discount graphic novel selections to help you start the new year with a great story at a great price.

This week starts the release of Marvel’s new “Avengers No Surrender” storyline in the regular ongoing title.

This 16 part story will run weekly and other Avengers titles will be suspended for the next four months. 

This story is being billed as a modern ‘Avengers Disassembled’ so expect a deconstruction of the team featuring every Avenger out there, as well as the introduction of a classic Avenger we’ve never met before. (Remember the alteration of the Avengers Statue in Marvel Legacy #1?)

We’ve even got a giant poster to give away with every copy, that’s a reprint of a classic piece of George Perez artwork. (I actually still have the original poster in the back of the shop from way back when.)

The poster is actually double sided with the reverse side depicting a reimagining of Avengers #1 that includes the missing character.

Another fun book this week is Old Man Hawkeye, a prequel to Old Man Logan set five years before that story.

This will be a twelve parter, and will cover the gradual loss of Hawkeye’s vision as well as his relationship with his daughter. It’s not written by Mark Millar but I just finished reading it and was pretty impressed. Good job Marvel!


We know that finances can be tight after the holidays, so we’ve hand picked ten graphic novels that we bought on liquidation that we’ll be selling to you super cheap so you can start the year with a great read at a great price!

All of these books get a big thumbs up from us and were handed picked by me with some help from the staff.

1.) Marvel Zombies 2

A story that can be read on it’s own with artwork by Sean Phillips. The best part is it’s actually written by Robert Kirkman! Imagine the Marvel Zombies in the hands of the creator of Walking Dead. Zombie Thanos, Dark Phoenix and Hulk!
Regular Price: $15.99 for only $3.00!

2.) Captain America The Epic Collection Dawn’s Early Light

Reprinting Captain America issue #247-#266, which includes the entire classic John Byrne and Roger Stern run, including the legendary Captain America for President story which we based our coin on during the RNC a few years back. You’ll also get a retelling of Cap’s origin, some work by Gene Colon, and the issues where artist Mike Zeck first really developed his artistic style, which would later serve him well on the original Punisher mini series as well as the first Secret Wars!
Regular Price: $34.99 for only $6.00!

3.) Captain Marvel: The Death of Captain Marvel.

Before his work on Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet, cosmic storyteller Jim Starlin killed off a Marvel mainstay in a very unorthodox manner for a comic book, cancer. This story was so important it was printed as Marvel’s very first original graphic novel. Just incredibly drawn and well written, the entire Marvel Universe comes by to say farewell, and a last minute visit from the Skulls turns out to be an inspiring highlight to the story.
Regular Price: $19.99 for only $4.00!

4.) The Punisher Girls in White Dresses.

This is a Punisher MAX story written by Gregg Hurwitz. So many people associate Punisher’s MAX work with Garth Ennis that they over look how great all the stuff that followed was. I’ll go on a limb a say this is a perfect Punisher story. Bad ass Frank Castle helping a small town who’s women are disappearing. A classic villain pops up and using Frank’s worst nightmare against him. This story is brutal and not for kids! (and you have to love the part where Frank silently drags a shark to a swimming pool because it didn’t deserve to die.)
Regular Price: $16.99 for only $3.00!

5.) Marvel First The 1980’s Volume One

A tomb of a time capsule into a very fun time in comic book history. You’ll get first issues of classics like Dazzler, Wolverine by Frank Miller, the Hawkeye mini series, Alpha Flight, Cloak and Dagger, the Falcon and more. It even includes the entire New Mutants Graphic Novel, which contained their first appearance and sets you up for the movie coming out in April. Everyone loves the comics they grew up with the most, so this stuff will always be extra great to me.
Regular Price: $39.99 for only $6.00!

6.) Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Ultimate Collection

This one is two stories in one, and really meant for academics on the history of the Avengers. Both stories are written by Joe Casey, and provide background elements to classic time periods. This first is set during Avengers #1-#16, from the rebirth of Captain America to his ascension to leader of the team during it’s loss of Thor and Iron Man and it’s recruitment of the villains Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Part two is set during the Roy Thomas era, and gives a clearer perspective on Hank Pym’s first nervous breakdown, as well as the introduction of the Vision and the Black Panther. Great material to read alongside the original stories
Regular Price: $34.99 for only $5.00!

7.) Ultimate Comics New Ultimates: Thor Reborn

A fun story set in the Ultimate Universe by Jeph Loeb (Batman Long Halloween, Superman For All Season) with art by cheesecake artist Frank Cho. (Which is really rare for him do an entire series) Full of Asgardian lore including appearances by Loki, Hela And Valkyrie. The best part is the price.
Regular Price: $19.99 for only $1.00!

8.) John Constantine Hellblazer Rare Cuts

Nobody ever knows where to start with Hellblazer, so here’s a good sampler that focuses on short stories from John’s past. Written by Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison and others, with art by David Lloyd, Sean Phillip and more! Learn about what really went down in Newcastle. This is one of Jim’s all time favorite titles so he was as excited as Jim can be to have it in here.
Regular Price $14.99 for only $4.00!

9.) Vertigo First Taste

The final two books are Vertigo Samplers, each featuring different first issues. Vertigo might be near it’s end as an imprint, but back in the day it produced and incredible amount of grade A material. Grab this if you’d like to be sucked into a whole new series of graphic novels. This volume has Alan’s Moore’s first Swamp Thing, Neil Gaiman’s Death, Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, Brian Vaughan’s Y The Last Man, Brian Azzarello’s 100 Bullets, and Books of Magic: Life During Wartime.
Regular Price $4.99 for only $2.00!

10.) Vertigo First Offenses

Same as above but featuring first issues of The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, Fables by Bill Willingham, Preacher by Garth Ennis, Sandman Mystery Theater by Matt Wagner and Lucifer by Mike Carey. All these stories will rope you in for more, so tread lightly!
Regular Price $4.99 for only $2.00!

We’ve got some pretty big stacks of these books but we expect them to go pretty fast. Stop by the shop this week and start the year off right!

Happy 2018!