Featured New Releases for 3-14-2018

Just a quick email this week reaffirming stuff we’ve already told you about, along with a few new developments. 


Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

First up, we’re here to talk about Donny Cates work at Marvel. (again.) Donny has two great runs going on right now at Marvel, with Doctor Strange and Damnation, as well as a breakout run on Thanos. 

This week we’ve got a new issue of Doctor Strange that ties directly into Damnation.

Damnation is only a four issue mini-series, with two issues out already. It’s got some minor tie-ins but you’re really good to enjoy the story by just reading Doctor Strange and the mini. Talk to any staff member in the shop and they’ll sell you on the purchase. We all love it. 

For the record, if you want to read Cates run from the beginning, start with issue #381. Marvel is in a nonstop reprinting mode on these books, so grab them when you see them. 

Cates other hot book is Thanos, and the third printing of issue #14 comes out this week. Cates started that title with issue #13. These books are being reprinted regularly as well. 

Cates is signed up to write a Cosmic Ghost Rider spin-off series, as well as a regular writing stint on Venom. It’s cool to have such a great writer on two big movie properties in 2018. 

For what it’s worth, Banner Hulk returns in Avengers #684 in ‘No Surrender’ part ten. 

The New Mutants movie has been delayed until next February, (word is it wasn’t scary enough) but that isn’t stopping Matt Rosenberg from launching his new creepy New Mutants Dead Souls mini series. 

Matt Rosenberg sold me on this series when we spoke with him in Portland. He says the New Mutants has been his dream project since he was a kid, and that it’ll show in the story. We talked about the characters for awhile and he really seemed energized.

Oh yeah, here’s that trailer. See it next February I guess!

Another book we shouldn’t have to sell you on is Mister Miracle, now in it’s 7th issue. 

Written by Tom King, this issue brings in Big Barda’s old crew, the Female Furies. Now, thanks to DC Superhero Girls, even my six year old daughter knows who they are. She’s not reading this book though, as it skews a bit more adult. Like King’s Omega Men, it analyzes war, torture and let’s even say family. Oh yeah, and suicide.  Entertainment Weekly says “by far the best comic on the stands right now.”

We’ve also got a FREE comic book for you this week, to tie into Syfy’s new Krypton series.

The show starts on March 21st next Wednesday. We’ve got hundreds of these books to give away so don’t sweat it!

I just flipped through our final book of the week and it turned out great. Puerto Rico Strong is an anthology supporting disaster relief from Hurricane Maria. All profits will go to relief and rebuilding in Puerto Rico. Many creators in this book are Puerto Rican as well.

For those who were wondering, we sold out of tickets to the Jim Steranko Dinner in three days! Thanks to all who signed up and supported this event! Remember, Jim will still be around all Free Comic Book Day Weekend!

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