Featured New Releases for 4-11-2018

Free Comic Book Day is a little over three weeks away, Action Comics #1000 will have a midnight release on Tuesday, April 17th, BUT FOR NOW…here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, April 11th, 2018!


Captain America #700 is the final chapter of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s ‘Out of Time’ story, and also contains a ‘new’ ten page story written by Waid using recycled Jack Kirby artwork! A great idea for this $5.99 anniversary issue!

This is also an important issue for us personally, because we ordered up so we’d qualify for the Jim Steranko variant cover, which we will be offering for cover price! Steranko will be a the shop this year for Free Comic Book Day, and this is one of the books we wanted to have available that day! (You can however, pick this book up now!)

It’s also time to get it in gear for Avengers Infinity War, so if you haven’t been reading Donny Cates’ Thanos, you missing out on many levels. 

It’s a great read, and it’s always fun when that syncs up to a movie release. Thanos #18 is out this week; dig around on the internet and you’ll hear how universally loved this book is. 

This month also features $1.00 reprints of key moments in Thanos history, and this week that includes a reprint of Infinity Gauntlet #1.

The cover of this book is also the basis for this year’s Free Comic Book Day poster by Jameson Campbell.


On the DC side, you may have to wait till next week for Action Comics #1000, but this week we have the Action Comics 80 Years of Superman Hardcover.

The $29.99 book is a retrospective of classic Action Comics, including many first appearances. The highlight of the book is a never before published Superman story by Siegel and Shuster!  It also has new essays, a new five page story by Neal Adams, and is an all around good looking book. 

As mentioned before, next Tuesday we’ll be hosting a midnight release event for Action Comics #1000 from 11:59pm to 12:30am. This is the best way to get the decades varint that you want! All variants for this book are cover priced at $7.99!

This huge book features all original content including Cleveland’s own Brian Michael Bendis’ first Superman story with art by JIm Lee! Follow the link to see all the people involved in this project! : https://www.dccomics.com/comics/action-comics-2016/action-comics-1000

We’ll have a few raffles and sales of Superman stuff for this event as well. This book will also have a 70’s variant cover by Jim Steranko which we ordered heavily on to again cover the FCBD traffic.

Also this week is DC’s new Age of Heroes title, Immortal Men #1. 

Springing out of Dark Nights Metal, this issues is sporting artwork by Jim Lee himself!


Our indie pick of the week is Robocop from Boom Studios and Brian Wood!

Brian is the writer behind indie hits like Rebels, DMZ, Channel Zero and Massive. He recently did another licensed book, Aliens, which double the sales on the title for us!

That’s it for this week! Get ready for the Free Comic Book Day email with all the information this weekend!