Featured New Releases for 4-4-2018

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, April 4th, 2018!


The industry has gotten a huge response to Dan Slott’s final Spider-Man story, in which Norman Osborn will merge with Carnage to create a new villain spawned out of the common hatred of Peter Parker, the Red Goblin. Part two is out this week in issue #798, and it will lead up to a grand finale in issue #800. 

Venom is taking center stage again in the new five-part “Venomized” series, starting this week and running weekly. 

You can also get a history lesson on Thanos in this month’s $1 True Believers reprints, all featuring key issues in Thanos history and leading up to the Infinity War this month!

This week’s offerings include reprints of Avengers #125 and Iron Man #55. (Thanos’ first appearance!)

Other great books from Marvel this week include a Treasury sized edition of X-Men Grand Design, an original graphic novel by Infinity Gauntlet writer Jim Starlin also featuring Thanos, and a graphic novel collecting T’Challa’s sister Shuri’s time as Black Panther. (which Marvel admits to dropping the ball on by not having it in print during the release of the movie, but here it is!)


Wedding plans have begun over in Batman in issue #44, with Selina picking out her wedding gown and Batman making some plans for their future. This will culminate in the wedding in Batman #50, coming out on July 4th! Batman #44 has two covers, one with Batman and one with Catwoman, which very much compliment each other. 

Other great DC books this week include another issue of Batman White Knight, as well as the beginning of the Batman Vs Deathstroke storyline beginning in Deathstroke’s regular title. Christopher Priest is a great writer and I look forward to this run!

Lastly, we’ve got Xerxes Fall of the House of Darius, a five issue mini-series which is a prequel to “300” and is written and drawn by the ever insane Frank Miller! We can only hope he keeps his creepy politics out of it!

We’re also happy to reveal our custom ‘back’ cover for DC Nation #0, coming out on 5-2-2018 for only a quarter! We’ll also be giving this book away for free all weekend for Free Comic Book Day! Thanks to Dee Piotrowski for the artwork! 

Here’s the full cover, which will feature a story where the Joker finds out about Batman and Catwoman’s wedding, as well as a preview of Bendis and Jose Garcia Lopez’s Superman book, as well as a prelude to Scott Snyder’s new Justice League story!

Here’s the full cover front and back:

While not an official Free Comic Book Day Book, this one has been created to coincide with that weekend! Look for all the other books here: www.freecomicbookday.com


I also want to throw a recommendation out for the new “I Kill Giants” movie, based on the Image Graphic Novel of the same name. This was available for Download on Itunes this week and was really great. We’ll make sure to keep extra copies of the graphic novel around as well. I’d never read it before seeing the movie but I have now!


Ben and John D will be in Chicago this week for the Diamond Retailer Summit and C2E2, so be nice to the boys left behind to mind the shop!