Batman #50 Midnight Release

Hey everyone, I just got back from vacation but I’ve got some important stuff to get out here right quick!


First up, we are having a midnight release for Batman #50 at 11:59 pm on Tuesday July 3rd! We’ll be around for a half hour or so and you can pick up all your new comics releases early as per the publishers!


The New York Times themselves even published an article with a spoiler in the title, so don’t even dip your head in that direction. 

That being said, I’ve read it, it’s a good read, lots of good one page pin ups by amazing artists. That’s all I’m saying. Zip!

You can also get Joelle Jones’ new Catwoman #1. She’s the artist who designed Selina’s dress and made a name for herself on Lady Killer. 

She’s writing and drawing it so it should be pretty cool. (I’ve met her, she is cool.) As the cover says, read after Batman #50!

To celebrate the 4th of July pick up the new Captain America #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates!

It’s a pretty big deal for an African American political writer to take on Cap and as a big fan of the character I’m excited to see what he does with it. 

Lots of variant covers by past Cap artists! I mean come on! Get your 4th on America!

Donny Cates has two new books this week!

We are all excited about his Cosmic Ghost Rider mini series, branching off of his run on Thanos! How did Frank Castle get to be the Cosmic Ghost Rider anyway??

The sleeper title is his new “Death of the Inhumans” mini series with art by painter Ariel Olivetti!

Marvel keeps trying and failing with the Inhumans but they are great characters and if anyone can make them sing it’s Cates!

Lastly, the $1 True Believer Titles this month are all Fantastic Four, and one of them is one of my favorite classic stories, the wedding of Reed and Sue in FF Annual 3!

I give this issue away as a wedding present regularly! It’s Lee and Kirby at their best! Just but one! It’s a buck! 

That’s it! I have to unpack!

We’ll be around regular hours on Wednesday the 4th as well!