NOT-AT-COMICON Sale – Swap Meet – New Releases 7-11-2018

It’s only one more week until out yearly “NOT-AT-COMICON” sale, and this year it’s going to be pretty amazing. It will also be our first annual swap meet in conjunction with the North East Ohio Toy and Collectible Club.

For everyone who is stuck at home and has to endure the unending bombardment of posts from friends at San Diego Comicon, we like to create a safe space for jealous and envious behavior. (I mean, who the heck do they think they are anyway? Out there having fun…)

We also have a sale the same days as the con, July 19th to the 22nd, with:

  • 50% off back issues
  • 20% off Action Figures, Statues, and Pop Funs
  • 10% off Graphic Novels and Hardcovers

This is also one of only two opportunities we have to bring out all the comics from our storage locker for only $1.00 each (or 50 cents each if you buy 50 or more.)

It’s about 60,000 books, with a great deal that are in order and a lot that have never been picked through. These books will be in the foyer next to our shop all four days. 

On the final day, Sunday, July 22nd, we’ll be hosting our first annual swap meet! The backbone of this effort is NEO-TACC, who have been hosting monthly meet-ups for about a couple years now.  This will be hosted in the same space we hold Free Comic Book Day in, 1,000 feet away from the shop near Marc’s in a vacant storefront. It will run from 1 pm to 4 pm, with an after-party at Working Class Brewery from 4 pm to 6 pm!

This event is so important that it’s replaced Lebron James sign downtown:

In all seriousness, we’ve always wanted to hold a classic swap meet. No admission costs, no price gouging, just good people trying to clear out and build their collections at the same time. Expect a very active marketplace, especially at the beginning. 

All table sold out instantly, but you are welcome to bring stuff to barter and trade if you are willing to carry it around. Remember, this is just stuff you want to get rid of cheap and feel good about it going to a good place, it is not a day for high ticket items. If you have comics you want to dump, bring them up and we’ll make a quick offer on them. 

For fun, we polled them membership on the worst G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Master of the Universe figure, then had NEO-TACC member Jeff Ritchie create a 5×7 print that we could hand out at the event. The first 100 people in the door will even have that print signed and number by Jeff, because waiting in line sucks. We should have more than enough for everyone though, and they will also be available down at the shop. 

The winners were:

Wheelie, the Jar-Jar Binks of the Transformers world!


The Fridge from GI Joe wins for the convoluted process to obtain, as well as really reaching as far character concepts go. He’s basically their gym teacher. 

…and Fisto from the MOTU wins because, well, Fisto! He looks like classic GI Joe broke into the Bionic Man’s storage locker, took some steroids and tried to reinvent himself. We all have one of those friends. 

As said above the day will conclude at the brewery to reveal in your purchases and sales. There will even be a special beer there just for the event. (Day drinking in small increments by running down to the brewery during the actual swap meet is also sanctioned.)

The Kamms Corner Ice Cream Company, also in the plaza, is bringing back their Infinity Gauntlet Ice Cream just for the day. This was a huge hit on FCBD (they ran out!) so here’s another chance to get some. It has actual Infinity Stones in it!

So there you go. We’ve never done something like this before so cut us some slack and let us know if any issues arise that we can deal with at the event. It might get cramped at first but you’re all collectors here, and the hobby is at it’s best when shared.

No collection should live in a vacuum. 


On to this week’s new releases!

Last week was incredible, and we basically sold out of Batman #50 and Catwoman #1 at our midnight event. We will be getting more copies of both of these books this Wednesday, and if you ordered a copy it will be there as well. 

This week is the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Nick Spencer!

Nick Spencer is perfect for the job. His run on the Superior Foes of Spider-Man is a cult classic, and he’s shown he knows the characters. It’s a back to basics approach like all the new Marvel #1’s. Lots of ratio variants too. 

We also have a free book to give you when you buy a copy, the Amazing Spider-Man behind the scenes edition, with full penciled pages of the main story by Invincible’s Ryan Ottley. If you’re looking for old school Peter, it’s here!

Marvel is also releasing X-23 in her own book as…well, X-23. (There’s a thought out there that Laura is a better character as X-23 than as Wolverine, and it’s probably correct.) 

If you enjoyed ‘Logan’ than this one is for you.

After what I would call a successful start on Man of Steel, Brian Bendis’ first issue of the new ongoing Superman series is here. 

Bendis will be writing Action Comics as well! Ivan Reis is doing the artwork!

I really did like his start on Man of Steel, and I was pretty skeptical at first. I like how he handled Superman’s relationships with other heroes, like Batman and Green Lantern.

Well, that’s it for this week!