Upcoming Releases for 8-1-18

Well, San Diego Comic Con has come and gone and left us with some pretty cool trailers and hints of what’s to come. We also had a very cool event at shop, our first annual swap meet in conjunction with NEO-TACC! Thanks to all who came out, set up, and participated! It was great, totally cool vibe, well attended and we’re calling it a success. We’re excited to do it again next year and expand on the idea. I had a really good time with my family, which is always the standard I hold our events up too.

Here’s a link to some event photos taken by Laura Wimbels. 

NEO-TACC also has regular monthly meetups, so be sure to check them out here.

This big new release for Wednesday, August 1st is Infinity War #1. We’ve been building up to this since Infinity Countdown Prime, and last week’s Infinity War Prime was an instant sell out and set the stage for this week’s #1.

We’re also going to give you a heads up on the new Fantastic Four #1, which will be coming out next week on August 8th. Marvel’s had a great run lately, and this will come to a head with the return of the first family of comics. Marvel Two In One has been great, but bring on Dan Slott’s new Fantastic Four! In addition to all the standard variants that will be coming out, we’ll be carrying an exclusive COMICPRO Variant by the incredible https://www.jenbartel.com/Jen Bartel. This variant will be cover-priced, and only ComicPro member stores will be carrying it. I’m on the board of directors at ComicsPro and was a part of the process of hand-picking Jen to be our cover artist of choice. I love her work, and we wanted to find someone up and coming that we felt needed to be exposed to a larger audience.

Just ask us to hold you a copy!

Another heads up, we’ll be hosting a signing at the shop on Friday September 21st with Sina Grace, in conjunction with Flaming River Con. <https://flamingriverarts.org/>This signing will be free from 6pm to 8pm and you’ll get some free comics for attending! Sina is the writer of numerous Images graphic novels as well as the writer of Ice-Man for Marvel. His new Ice-Man #1 will be out on 9-12-2018, so that’s pretty good timing for a signing.

The rest of this email is going to be a Comicon Trailer wrap up, so sit back and enjoy. Also, go see Teen Titans Go To The Movies! It’s hilarious, with lots of jokes aimed at old fans, including a running Challengers of the Unknown gag.


Hopefully cool, but who knows!


A good change of pace for DC. I like it.

Glass (!!!)

Not a comic book but Unbreakable and Split are classic superhero/villain films and M Knight does get my respect, even with all his ups and downs he’s a master storyteller. I like Lady in the Water.

Titans. In the same way that I love Teen Titans Go To The Movies, this is the kind of thing that makes me embarrassed for the hobby. One ‘shocking’ F bomb and you’ve disconnected with half your audience. I’m no prude, but who exactly is this for? Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

Anyway, I’m not always right. If any of this stuff looks interesting to you ask for help finding something related in the shop. We live for those questions.

Thanks for tuning in!