Black Friday and Small Business Saturday Updates

Just some quick last minute updates for this weekend! First up, Happy Thanksgiving! We’ll be closed on Thursday only to open up at noon on Friday ready to go!

We have a sale all weekend but the best time to hit the shop is on Friday from 7pm till midnight where you’ll find:

  • 20% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers
  • 50% off all Back Issues
  • 20% off the New Comic Wall
  • 20% off all Statues, Action Figures and Pop Fun’s. (Due to the demise of ToysRUs, we’ve made efforts to have a really great inventory for the holidays this year. Look! We just bought a Pop Fun Collection!)

  • 10% off EVERYTHING else in the shop. (Which includes comic book supplies, which we never have on sale.)

It’s also one of only two times that we are able to bring all the comics out of our storage locker and sell that at only $1.00 each. (50 cents each if you buy 100 or more!) This year we’ve built up and incredible inventory, so we will have books in the foyer and the back room. Lot’s of books have never been seen before, and there’s about 75,000 total. They are in pretty good order too, so be sure to bring your lists! Books will be out in the foyer all weekend but the books in the back room will only be out Friday Night! (hint, the most recent acquisitions are in the back.)

THE RAFFLES! It’s the cornerstone of keeping you shopping longer than you like and what makes the night really fun.

We’ll be raffling off 50 graphic novels at a rate of five every half hour starting at 7:30 pm. You get a raffle ticket for every ten dollars you spend and the tickets stay in all night long. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Tickets are non-transferable and you can win up to three times.

We have lots of cool bonus prizes to keep things fun through out the night. Check it out!

I’d confident that this is our best prize selection ever! Working Class Brewery next door even donated some $10 gift cards, so be sure to stop over that night and grab a beer  between raffles! It’s what everybody does!

We end at midnight with a $100 gift certificate raffle. This is always a really fun culmination to the night!

We’ll also provide snacks and pop during the night to keep you going.

Saturday is Small Business Saturday, and a much more mellow atmosphere to shop in. We appreciate everyone who stops in to show their support of the shop that day. Even an extra $10 spent means alot to us. Even if you can’t shop with us try to throw some love at a small business that day!

We will have a smaller sale going Saturday (and all weekend long for that matter.):

  • 50% off all back issues
  • 10% of all Statues, Action Figures and Pop Fun’s.
  • 10% off all Graphic Novels and Hardcovers

This is a great time to go through the dollar bins and take your time.

We will also have a visit from Jason Fitch and Rick Lozano that day, and they’ll be handing out and autographing free copies of their new American Knight comic starting at Noon!

So get on your shopping sweater and come by to see us!

Artists! This years holiday art show will be themed around Stan Lee! Both him and the characters he’s created.

(Art by Jeff Ritchie)

If you’d like to participate just stop in the shop and ask for a free blank comic book cover. Complete it and turn it in by December 20th at the latest and we’ll take care of the rest. The art show / fund raiser/ holiday party is on December 22, and all funds raised goes to the Cleveland Food Bank. Each year we’ve been able to help the Food Bank to create over 10,000 meals for those in need with your help! Let’s do it again this year in the name os Stan Lee!

Thank you for the support and we hope to see you this weekend! Excelsior!