The Final Week of the Year at CNJComics

We’d like to thank everyone for a really fun Holiday Party and for all the support for the food drive. 

With your help, we’ll be assisting the Cleveland Food Bank in creating 12,084 meals this year!

We’ve also been informed by the Fitch Family, who take logistical responsibility for the actual food, that the food count was an amazing 1,879!

To put that into perspective, our previous high was 1,207.

Thank you to the artists for all their hard work!

We would like to congratulate Kelsey Cretcher as the artist who collected the most tickets for her artwork. Her ‘mod’ style Fantastic Four cover really hit the mark with a lot of people, and I have donated an extra hundred dollars to the food drive fund in her name. Congrats Kelsey! We look forward to seeing more of your work around the shop.

I’m actually going to give a little shout out to my seven-year-old daughter Zoe, who showed up to the art show with a picture of Stan Lee that she drew.

She looked at a picture of a Stan Lee Pop Fun online and copied it. Good job kiddo.

Thanks to all who came out, we think the first hour of the party was as packed as the shop has ever been, so thank you for bearing with us on that. I think Stan would have been proud, not just of the food drive, but of the camaraderie that revolved around it. We had -zero- issues this year with anything.

We will have a photo gallery of all the artwork going up, as well as some photos from the party when we get the event completely demobilized. 

This will be very small new comic week, almost to the point of being a skip week. Marvel only has four titles and DC just has a handful of graphic novels. 

The big book of the week is Fantastic Four #5, where the Thing finally marries Alicia Masters. 

To quote the parlance of the day, “Not a joke, not a hoax, not an imaginary story.” This one’s an actual wedding folks, and with Marvel Two In One being one of my favorite books as a kid, it’s a long time coming. 

We also have a 2019 Marvel Calendar we’ll be handing out for free this week with any purchase. 

Since it’s such a small week, so what a great time to clear out your file for the new year! Christmas is over, but…

In all seriousness, please make the effort to come in and clear out your file before the new year. Like a car dealership, we have to pay taxes on unsold inventory at year-end. Those books sitting on the shelf are doing double damage to us in they’re still there after the first. 

Finally, since everyone was asking. Winston lost a bunch of weight because he had a rotten tooth that had to be removed. Surgery went fine and he’s be convalescing in his X-Mas robe.

That’s it. We made it another year. Long live the local comic shop!