Featured New Releases for 1-30-2019 at CNJComics

It’s a fifth Wednesday of the month, which typically means a smaller week filled with one-shots, annuals, and mini-series. 

We’ve also got some pretty fun new kids books too. 

Here are the featured new releases for Wednesday, January 30th, 2019!

The X-Men Universe has been reset, and we’ll have a look at what’s to come in the Age of X-Man Alpha One Shot, pointing the way to next month’s multiple mini-series. 

Somehow, using Marvel math, Doctor Strange has his 400th issue this week, even though it’s numbered 10. 

Extra size issue with art by classic artists like Nowlan, Guice, and Acuna. 

Detective is on the way to its 1000th issue, and #997 is out this week. 

This is more of a call out to get your Detective #1000 orders in. Just like with Action #1000, there will be decades variants, and you can get what you’d like in your file if you just ask! Check this out for images!

One of the best DC books out there right now is Heroes in Crisis, and it’s more than a bit depressing. A good story is a good story though. Highly recommended. 

If you’re not already on board it’s a Superhero PTSD story by Tom King. 

We’ve also got a handful of great new kids books in, for bedtime and teaching about super heroes. 

Be Brave Like Batman is a great book for helping kids 3-7 deal with their fears. (Hey, I have two of those! Kids 3-7, that is.)

We also have Family is a Superpower, from Michael Dahl, who writes my favorite kids superhero books like Be a Star Wonder Woman and Goodnight Batman. 

The greatest resource a superhero has is their support system of friends and family, which look alot like yours.

Lastly is a Big Book of Superhero Bedtime Stories, which are great to wind the kids down before bed.

The staff wanted to make sure I let everyone know that we will be open no matter what happens with the weather, so sneak out, grab a couple books then run back home and dig into your new reads.