Featured New Releases for 2-6-2019 and Valentine’s Sale

Before we begin, here’s a quick shout out for our “WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS” Valentine’s Sale!

A big part of it is that we’ve been refilling the back issues at such a rapid rate that they’re full. Like to the brim. So we’ve got to stimulate some sales and that means…

50% off ALL Back issues from February 14th to the 16th!

We were going to wait until Wizard World Cleveland, but from looking at their website we can’t even tell if it’s happening or not. No guest list yet? What?

We bought three large collections at the end of last year, and all anyone has really seen are the big ticket books, we’re now finally going through and refilling the common stock. This is also creating some new dollar stock, as some people know from having to enjoy going through them already.

The 14th is also a pretty big day for me as it will be my 25th anniversary serving with the fire department. So yeah, let’s do three days of back issues.


Alright, now on to this week’s new releases.

The big one this week is Chip Zdarsky’s new Daredevil #1.

If you’ve enjoyed the third (and best?) season of Daredevil (definitely the last) on Netflix you can enjoy hopping on here. Chip is great writing with a nod to classic characters and dynamics.

The X-Men have been stripped down to just Cyclops and Wolverine with another oversized issue of Uncanny X-Men, #11.

Here’s the Rob Liefeld variant cover to piss you off artistically.

Whether you follow the new Age of X-Man titles or just stick with this one, they’ll likely both come to a head in a few months. I have no opinion on the matter but yeah I’ll give this one a try to see Logan and Scott try to get along.

Captain Marvel is a little over a month away, and each trailer looks better and better, though Brie Larson still comes off a little clunky. The super bowl trailer was okay, but I enjoy this one more:

February starts the Marvel True Believer Reprints of Classic Carol Danvers material, so look for these great one dollar reprints all month to catch up on her history.

We also have a guide to Captain Marvel Graphic Novels you can have for free,  just ask at the counter!

Batman will be in another four-part cross over with the Flash starting this week in Batman #64, as the two go at it over Batman’s role in creating Sanctuary, which resulted in Wally’s Death.

“The Price” will jump back in forth between both titles and spins out of Heroes In Crisis.

If you enjoyed Young Justice, be sure to add it to your file. Bendis is curating a whole ‘tweenish’ line a DC but it definitely has adult appeal.

Other titles in his Wonder Line include last week’s Naomi (also by Bendis) and the upcoming Wonder Twins (!) and Dial H for Hero.

This week I cleaned up our Facebook Page and removed some of the old photo galleries. This was bittersweet as it was a great trip down memory lane and I really amazing reminder of how long everyone has been around. We kept a lot of them up and if you ever want to see more about our history, here you go!

I will be attending and speaking at the Facebook Community Summit this week in Menlo Park, and my gratitude for all the support you’ve given us over this years is off the charts.

Thank you thank you thank you.