Valentine’s Day Sale at CNJComics

Here we go! 

For Valentine’s Day this year we’ll be offering 50% off all back issues from Thursday, February 14th to Saturday, February 16th!

This is our VALENTINE to YOU! 


This will be a big one for many reasons. 

  1. According to Jim, all of the DC’s have been refilled with everything we’ve got. This is a project that has taken almost a year. There are actually four boxes of DC stuff that will be on the side because they don’t fit in with the rest of the stock, it’s full to the brim.  
  2. We still have lots of key back issues up, and they will absolutely by 50% off as well. 
  3. Over the holidays we processed three collections and they keys went up right away, now we’ve got some of the good common stock going out. 
  4. We’re putting out some new dollar stock as well.
  5. It’s Valentine’s Day and your significant other should understand that this is what YOU need to do during the holiday, not a romantic dinner. That you love going through back issues and getting a bargain. As a matter of fact, they should get you a gift certificate and send you off to the shop.

Anyway, the fact the back issues are making a comeback has made life at the shop pretty fun. We love back issues! 

On a side note, things went great at Facebook HQ last week.

I got to be on a panel, met some great people, and feel very supported in our future endeavors. In a nutshell, we were there to talk about how a 2,000 square foot business can host a free event that brings in over 3,000 people annually, i.e. Free Comic Book Day. The answer was to find people doing awesome things and give them support, period. They liked that we used their platform to bring people together in the real world. We expressed that Facebook is only a way to show the hard work you’ve done, not to replace it. I talked about the differences between Iron Man and Captain America’s worldviews, and how we apply them to social media. That Iron Man’s belief is that the end justifies the means, that if you have a great event, good attendance, decent sales, money collected for charity, that it doesn’t matter how you got there. We’re of the Captain America mindset, that how you behave every step of the way is more important than the end results. Everyone’s watching, so make sure that your business aligns with what you say your core values are, and as long as you stick to your principles you’ll do well on social media. We also stressed the most important part of Social Media, to have fun.

On that note, here’s one more Valentine for you! A Billy Ray Valentine!

(Did anyone get that one? Anyone?)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!