Featured New Releases for 5-29-2019

Alright! We’re back in business after FCBD and we’ve got a huge week full of amazing stuff. (This is likely my favorite week of 2019!)

Here’s the Featured New Release coming out this Wednesday, May 29th, 2019!

DC Books

Batman Last Knight on Earth will be the culmination of all of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s work on Batman!

It’s a new three issue DC Black Label mini series, just like Batman Damned. (you know, the one with the…) Batman works his way through a devastated DCU landscape with Joker’s head in tow. They say this is their final Batman story together.

$5.99 prestige format.

Another much anticipated book is the Superman Leviathan Rising Special!

It’s up to Superman’s friends to save him from Leviathan! This will be Matt Fraction’s DC debut with Jimmy Olsen, as well as Greg Rucka’s take on Lois Lane, all wrapped in a story by Brian Bendis. Fraction’s beloved in the industry and Rucka is know for incredibly powerful female characters. Some books are worth the $9.99 price tag. Oversized and prestige format.

Two of DC’s other top sellers come out this week as well, Doomsday Clock #10 and Heroes in Crisis #9.

This book is everything it was built up to be. Alan Moore be damned, Johns is doing a great job combining the Watchman and DCU.

This is the final issue of Heroes in Crisis, Tom King’s dissection of superheroes and PTSD. Really bleak and really good.

Marvel Books

We made a big deal about Immortal Hulk in our last email, ordered a bunch of graphic novels, then Diamond lost the shipment. Well, we have them now, as well as a new issue.

This week Marvel continues their original Star Wars run from the 1980’s continuing the original numbering at #108!

Jaxxon’s supposed to be in it for Pete’s sake.

Ed Piskor’s fantastic X-Men history continues in the final two-part X-Men Grand Design X-Tinction #1.

Piskor is an indie madman who became famous for his Hip Hop Family Tree Comics. When ask which fans were more judgemental about his books, comics fans or Hip Hop fans, Piskor said both come with very different consequences if he gets something wrong.

Image, Dark Horse, and Boom!

We also got copies of Walking Dead #191 2nd print this week.

It’s not really a spoiler, because it’s been well publicized, but Rick was critically injured in this issue, and he is slated to die in issue #192 next month. Catch up on this issue while you can.

Dark Horse has a new four-issue Stranger Things mini-series, this time spotlighting Six and her history before the first season.

BOOM Studios had a huge hit with it’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer modernization, and their take on Angel will likely be just as popular.

Angel #1 is out this week.

That’s it’s! More than enough stuff to warrant a trip to the shop!

Summer is HERE!