Featured New Releases for 6-12-2019

First up, we’re good to go on this year’s Swap Meet in conjunction with NEO-TACC, the North East Ohio Toy and Collectible Club!

Details are to come but this is a free event next to the comic book shop on Sunday, July 21st! Last year we had over 500 people in attendance! Hop on over to the NEO-TACC Facebook page and see if the group is for you! All tables will be distributed through them this time, so read their buy sell trade rules and join the group!

We’re also giving another shout out to Youngstown ComicCon; they’ll be hosting a Steranko dinner similar to what we did last year for FCBD. All the details on how to sign up for that are here! I’ve got my ticket, and I’m happy to be a part of something where I have no real responsibilities and I can just enjoy myself.

Okay, onto the Featured New Releases for Wednesday, June 12th, 2019.

DC Titles

Brian Bendis’ first big DC event book is here, and he’s bringing his regular collaborator Alex Maleev with him. 

Event Leviathan is a six issue mini series tracking the mystery of Leviathan across the DC Universe. Bendis and Maleev are responsible for one of the greatest Daredevil runs of all time, so expectations are super high on this one. It’s also part of DC’s overall Year of the Villain arc.

Speaking of Year of the Villian, Batman Who Laughs concludes this week with issue #6. 

This series by Snyder and JOCK has been a highlight of the year, and leads into what’s to come. 

Just for fun, here’s this week’s awesome cover priced Artgerm variant cover to Catwoman #12.

 Artgerm has an artbook out this week as well.

Marvel and More

Marvel’s big book this week is Silver Surfer Black by Donny Cates!

Five issue mini series springing out of Guardians of the Galaxy, but it also stands on it’s own. I’ve read it, and it’s a win. We will also have lots of variants on this one, including a cover priced ComicsPro variant by Adi Granov!

Also for fun, Rick and Morty Presents the Mr Meeseeks One Shot!

Looks like we’re getting more episodes in November, but till then…

Lastly, D.E. is reprinting all of Garth Ennis’s old ‘The Boys” comics into new graphic novels, this is in anticipation of the new Amazon Prime show. (So there’s no inventory fail like there was with Umbrella Academy.)

I’d link a trailer here, but you’re just going to have to go out there and find it yourself, it’s graphic and amazing. Imagined unchecked superheroes doing whatever they want and the people who are tasked to keep them in line. Garth Ennis all the way. 

That’s it everyone! See you soon at the shop!