Featured New Releases for 7-24-2019 and Winston Merch!

We had a great Swap Meet with hundreds of people stopping by. I got some great stuff for myself, and I got to take the family shopping around the booths too, which made for a fantastic event. Thanks to all who came out and braved the heat. Thanks to NEO-TACC for making it all possible.

We got a little press too!


The big news is we finally got some Winston pub glasses and stickers made!

Enjoy a beer and a comic with this spectacular pint glass! Only $11.99. (they say they are dishwasher safe but I doubt it!)

There are also three different styles of Winston stickers at $2.00 each!

Thanks to Dee Piotrowski for the artwork!


This is a great week for Marvel Comics, and it starts with the highly anticipated House of X #1 by Jonathan Hickman! 

This book is the start of a multi year plan to reinvent the X-Men franchise before the movies begin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Hickman will write two books side by side, this book and Powers of X,  both of which will run six issues each and be bi weekly. (Meaning you will get a book a week for twelve weeks.) Issue #1 of Powers of X will be out next week. 

I’ve read both books and they’re really good. Creating new ground with lots of hints at the past. Beautiful books as well. This is one that will have some shelf life. 

The One Shot Marvels Epilogue is a pretty big deal.  

This is a follow up to the classic MARVELS story, and it’s even written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Alex Ross. Remember that time in the 70’s when the X-Men went ice skating at Rockefeller Center and got attacked by Sentinels? 

This is a different take on that story. It’s only 16 pages (plus supplemental material.) but look at this promo artwork:

History of The Marvel Universe looks like a fun project as well. Mark Waid is writing the definitive history of the Marvel Universe in six issues. 

After the announcement this weekend that the new Thor movie is going to be starring Natalie Portman as Thor, I just know we are not going to have enough Valkyrie Jane Foster #1’s this week. 

All new ongoing series written by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk!).

It looks like we’re going to have another Marvel death. Rocket Raccoon is going to meet his fate soon, and it all begins here in Guardians of the Galaxy #7 by Donny Cates. 

Fearless #1 will feature an amazing line up of female characters, like Captain Marvel, Invisible Woman, Storm and Jessica Jones. Millie the Model too. Expect a rotating line up of heroines in this three issue mini series. 


DC does have one big winner that’s worth mentioning, Sean Murphy returns to write and draw the new eight issue Batman Curse of the White Knight. 

A follow up to the previous White Knight series, which had some of the best art of 2018. What if Joker was the hero and Batman was the one who was insane. At least from the Joker’s point of view…

Thanks again for the support at the swap meet!