Featured New Releases for 10-23-2019

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019.

We’ve decided to feature some Spider-Man books this week, starting with the main title, Amazing Spider-Man #32. 

Miguel O’Hara is back, and that means Spider-Man 2099 is as well. (You may remember him from the awesome end credits scene in “Into the Spider-Verse.”)

Also, this week is a very special giant-sized one-shot, Spider-Man Full Circle.

A huge $9.99 issue that’s full of impressive creators passing the ‘torch’ of the story to each other. As per Marvel: 

“Essentially, Jonathan Hickman and artist Chris Bachalo are going to drop Spider-Man into the middle of the action. Gerry Duggan and Greg Smallwood will pick up from the cliffhanger and go from there. Then, Nick Spencer and Michael Allred will try to top it, followed by Kelly Thomspon & Valerio Schiti, Al Ewing & Chris Sprouse, Chip Zdarsky & Rachael Stott, and Jason Aaron & Cameron Stewart with Mark Bagley.”

It’s also guest-starring Wolverine, Nick Fury, and Spider-Ham!

Mary Jane gets her own title this week, with an Artgerm Variant cover.

The Amazing Mary Jane will be an ongoing title!

Spider-Man Life Story was incredible,  following Peter Parker through six decades as if he was aging appropriately as the years went by. 

This week you can get the complete story in one graphic novel, and we’re definitely adding it to our must-read list. From Captain America talking Peter out of going to Vietnam to a very satisfying tear-jerker of an ending. Seriously, pick this up if you’ve ever been a fan of Spider-Man. (And really, who hasn’t?)

Gwen Stacy has a new issue this week with Ghost-Spider #3. 

Gwen is now taking classes in the main Marvel Universe, right down the hall from Peter Parker. 

Marvel Action Spider-Man is the All Ages recommended spider title from IDW.

This issue featuring the debut of Venom in this title. 

Branching off from Spidey, Marvel has two more big offerings this week. 

The first non-Hickman X-title is out; Marauders #1 by Gerry Duggan.

Kitty Pryde leads a team funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Club consisting of Bishop, Storm, Ice-Man, and Pyro. 

The Immortal Hulk has an extra-sized issue with Immortal Hulk #25. 

This book has gotten trippier and trippier in all the right ways, and this looks to be a very cosmic issue. This title is a big candidate for a future book club, so keep up!

This Saturday is Halloween ComicFest, so stop in, get some free comics and candy, and get your picture taken in costume! And oh yeah, 50% OFF ALL BACK ISSUES ALL DAY!

Here’s all the details on the day!