New Action Figure Collection at CNJComics

It was another small new comic week at the shop, but we’ve still got some fun stuff going on.

(Next week will be a full week again, we promise!)  

Last week we mentioned that we put out a bunch of Marvel and DC long boxes for $1.00, all from the past couple of years. This week we added nine boxes of small press stuff as well!

You can pick up runs on some really great titles on the cheap, like…

We bought a big collection of out of print Marvel Selects and old school Marvel Legends. They’re all priced and out for sale.

Zoe actually came in and helped with the purchase!

We also liquidated our pub glasses, shot glasses, bottle openers and playing card decks. All pub glasses are $3 each and everything else is only $1. This frees our glass cases up to hold more Marvel and DC PVC Gallery Statues.

Which in turn frees up our shelves to hold more key back issues. Ever forward.

Just another quick reminder that we’ll be hosting another book club on Thursday, February 6th at 8 pm. This one will be on Doomsday Clock and the new Watchman TV series. Come with your opinions and be ready to talk it out!