New Releases for 2-19-2020 at CNJComics

Just a quick email this week as I’m on the road at the ComicsPro meeting in Portland Oregon!

First up, Wolverine is back in his own ongoing series!

With the Mutant Island established what does Wolverine do when he’s….happy?

Art by Adam Kubert and featuring the return of Omega Red.

This week we had some speculator issues.  We’re happy to say that everyone who has it on their file will get a copy of Batman #89, and at cover price too. It’s going for $30-$40 dollars online and features the first appearance of Punchline, the Joker’s new sidekick. (So essentially the new Harley.)

We have no copies hitting the table as they have been scooped up with preorders. Second prints are on the way.

To be clear, we will never charge you more for a (non ratio) new comic.

This is also a good time to put in a commercial for starting a file. All you need to do is have five books held every month and pick them up once a month and you get 10% off ALL your new comic purchases. You need never miss a comic again! Just ask at the counter to set one up.

We do appreciate that some regulars don’t want to start a file, and it does suck when you can’t get a book that you want because they get sucked up. Ah, comic books.

We also have one more speculator book this week, Flash Forward #6, where Wally West becomes the new Metron who they’re saying is the DCU’s Dr Manhatten.

There was some lead time on this info so we do have copies on the table as of Wednesday morning.

There’s also two great DC Black Label books continuting this week, Wonder Woman Dead Earth #2 and Joker Killer Smile #3.

Oh yeah, and Archie meets the B-52’s!

Lastly, mark you calander for Winston World and a week of half off back issues and 10% off everything else in the shop from 2-29 to 3-8 to coincide with Wizard World downtown!