Coronavirus and CNJComics

Hey everyone, a quick word about CNJComics and the current social climate.

CNJComics will remain open and will continue to do the cleaning we have always done. In fact we’ll even ramp it up quite a bit by wiping down all major surfaces several times a day, and a deep cleaning once a week. We also have liquid hand sanitizer both at the front door and at the register. 

If our staff members feel sick, they will be advised to stay at home. Heck, if you feel sick, we advise you to stay at home too. If anyone is feeling ill or is over the age of 60 (or just plain feeling scared to leave the house in general) you can call in a credit card and we’ll get your books hand delivered to your house within a couple days. (within the boundaries of Cuyahoga County.) If you’re outside the County, we’re willing to mail you your books for orders of $100 or more.

We know that a lot of you have kids that are now at home for the next three weeks. Surprise! Last night I placed a reorder for over $3,000 worth of books for our kids section, based on the top selling original graphic novels for that age bracket. We’ll make sure we’re a good stop to help you put some books in front of their eyes over the weeks to come. 

Free Comic Book Day. We are waiting until the end of the month to make a call on that, as the Govenor has a ban on gatherings of over 100 people and we respect that decision. Things may look better or worse next month so we’re going to wait for a bit to make any calls. At this point, we are proceeding as if the event is happening. If it cannot happen as usual, I have thoughts on how to trim it down to get everyone their free books while maintaining a safe enviroment. (But as we said, let’s give it a few weeks till we see what the horizon looks like.) Chris Claremont is 69 years old, and I don’t want to be responsible for anything that makes him feel uncomfortible. Rest assured, if the social climate does not look very inviting in May, we’ll find a way to get him back here in the future. 

On a personal note, my mother is 76 years old, and ironically a big part of her legacy is the culture of cleanliness around the shop. I want to keep my mother safe in the weeks to months ahead, so while I don’t live in fear of the virus, and have a healthy respect for how it impacts the lives of everyone through the decisions we personally make.

If there’s anything else we can do to assist you please feel free to reach out to us.

For now, remember to keep washing those hands and I assure you we are open!