CNJComics is Open for Business

We had a great first day with a very steep learning curve, but we made it through with your help and understanding. Carol even stopped by to wish us Godspeed.

It’s really hard for a business that trades on browsing and hand selling (and large events) to work behind facemasks and limit the number of people in the shop. But the harder it is, the more it feels like the right thing to do.

Oh yeah, we got a shout out from the Governor yesterday too.

New Comics don’t start coming out till next Wednesday, May 20th. No Marvels till the 27th but here’s a link to what’s coming out on the 20th!

So no new comics but here’s some awesome reason to stop in the shop!

50% off all back issues and 20% off all statues, action figures and pop funs until May 19th! We even got some new early bronze DC’s in that have never been in a live show or gallery sale.

We have ten hand picked graphic novels for only $5 each to give you lots of reading material to help you #staysafeathome .

Titles including four five star Batman trades, Scott Snyder’s Batman Court of Owls Volume One, Tom King’s Batman I Am Gotham Volume One, Batman Earth One Volume One by Geoff Johns, and All Star Batman My Own Worst Enemy by Snyder and Romita Jr. (which is one of my favorite Batman stories.)

We also have Greatest Hits Volumes for Justice League, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn! (so we can get some female characters in the mix!)

We also have all ages selections like SuperPowers (great early reader comic book), Lil’ Gotham and a Batman Animated Series Greatest Hits!

When brought back a few of the part timers and got them back into the swing of things by organizing some dollar bins!

So we now have 25 long boxes of comics on the new comic table IN ORDER for only $1.00 each!

Oh yeah, we also got our ‘Free Comic Book Day Cancelled Until Further Notice’ prints in! You get one FREE with any purchase!

We also got ‘Support Your Local Comic Shop’ stickers, also FREE with any purchase!

See, it’s like we never left!

And finally, by popular demand, we gave Winston a Star Wars A New Hope Medal too! (Good job everyone. We basically just rewarded a cat for doing nothing because you demanded it!)