Facebook Live Sale #6 on May the 4th CNJComics

So we will be reopening (with alot of measures in place) on Tuesday May 12th! This week I will compose an email with all the details on how we will do that while keeping you and us safe! We’ve been working like crazy to meet up with the Governor’s expectations and then some. The first new comic book week will be on Wednesday May 20th and Marvel states they will resume shipping on Wednesday May 27th (Just a little product each week until July.) Again, more to come on that. Oh yeah, we’re also open for non contact curbside now too!

This Monday will be our 6th Facebook Live Sale from 6 pm to 7:30 pm EST.

May the 4th be with You! It’ll be more late Silver / early Bronze Marvels (mostly early Bronze) and yes there will be some Star Wars in it!

We’ve pretty much got the system down. Look for a gallery of the books on our Facebook Page early tomorrow, then when we go live claim the book after it is presented with the price so everyone has the same starting point. Ben will re-watch the video afterwards and check time stamps then publish a list of winners. As always contact us at info@cnjcomics.com or 216-252-0606 for payment.

Expect a Gallery Sale on Thursday, and one more (?) live Sale on Sunday the 10th at 6 pm EST.

As we said before, we think you’d be very comfortable with the lengths we’ve gone through to create a safe shopping experience for you.

Also for the record, I have been tested for CoVid-19, so both the active virus and antibodies, both came up negative. So I do not have it, and I haven’t had it in the past. I attest that to good hand-washing. I will be retested again in three weeks. (I volunteered for a research study at Metro Hospital. That swab goes all the way up and beyond)

Lastly, here’s might thoughts on what should have been Free Comic Book Day this past weekend.

“Free Comic Book Day 2020. We’ve been doing it since the first year in 2002 when there were only four books to choose from. The event grew organically, and in 2009 we started having a midnight event, the main event of which was a race around the plaza by Superman and the Flash. We thought it would just be this dumb thing but hundreds of people showed up. At that point, attendance grew dramatically. This morning when I woke up I immediately felt like I had something to do, and I realized it was Free Comic Book Day. I always felt like FCBD was a wedding I get to throw each year, if you had to make each wedding better than the last one. But we only set the stage, it fills up with the best people possible after that, and that’s you. Literally the best thing that happens to me in the shop are when two customers seem to know each other that I didn’t realize were friends and when I ask how they met they say ‘here.’ That’s the best, man. That’s the stuff. The staff works so hard and so many members of the community donate so much of their time and effort that it’s still fascinates me after all these years. There’s a line in A-Team where someone says ‘They’re the best at what they do and they specialize in the ridiculous.’ That’s my crew, my boys. Four years ago I got to visit Joe Field, the founder of FCBD, in his shop in Concord California. We went out to lunch and talked about comics. That’s a great memory. A big part of FCBD comes from concepts I learned working at Burning Man for ten years, the most important of which is ‘radical inclusion’, which is going out of your way to make sure everyone feels included. Everyone.

So fear not! It ain’t over, not by a long shot. I have a plan in my brain that changes daily when new information presents itself. If I had to guess, I’d say a no frills dispersal of the books near the end of the summer. Just getting the books to people in a safe and controlled manor will be a feat in and of itself. We’re up for the challenge. Six months from now will be our 30th Anniversary, and if the social climate is clear, we will have a party. Oh yes! Full of all kinds of stupid and ridiculous stuff, the kind that we love to put together. And guess what? You’re all invited. Everyone.”

It’s far from over Cleveland. Never give up and stay hopeful! Art by the talented Erin Caruso at www.supergrouphugs.com/ . (Yes, we’ll make it into a free print as soon as I can find a printer that’s open.)

Stay tuned!