New Comics at CNJComics 5-20-2020

Well, we made it through our first week, and it wasn’t that bad. It’s a little weird for a shop that prides itself on hand-selling and browsing to work through masks with an occupancy limit, but this is just the way it’ll be for a while. We had about an 85% compliance rate with masks and that’s pretty good in my book. We’ll never demand that you wear one, and we won’t shame you if you don’t, but we do strongly suggest it for the safety of others in our community. You all came out in full force and we had a great week, only tipping into the occupancy limit a couple times. We thank everyone for being understanding during a week that had a very steep learning curve for us. Remember, this won’t go on forever but it’s the new norm for a while.

Remember, we are now closed on Monday for a deep cleaning!

We are available for curbside regular hours if you need anything, but we’re glad we decided to have this day to help us catch up on our work and to just take a mental breather.

This Wednesday will be our first new comic day in two months! Publishers include DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Boom and Dynamite. No Marvels till the 27th. There were also a handful of DC books that got delayed till the 27th at the last minute for everyone. This is a good spot for a PSA: remember, the industry has many different parts: publishers, printers, creators, distributers and retailers. Pull one piece out of the mix and you’re going to have issues. Expect shipments to be wonky, but trust us to get you your books!

This week’s shipment is still a little light, but it’s a good way to test out the shipping system. Here’s a link to the stuff that’s coming out on Wednesday:

(be advised, we don’t carry everything off of this list, but we do carry just about everything from the major publishers.)

We have decided to extend the 50% off back issue 20% off action figures/pop funs/statues sale till the 19th. Why not!!?!? It’ll help stimulate some sales during this ramp up week.

This will be, guaranteed, the last week for this sale.

We’ll keep those $5 DC graphic novels out, those did great. We also put up graphic novel staff picks if you’re looking for something new to read. (these books are regular price but come with the full backing of the staff member involved.)

So what ever happened to those cool masks?

After we were given a shout out by the Governor during his daily briefing, we were flooded by older people in the neighborhood looking for their free mask. While this helped us to reaffirm our commitment to Westpark, we only had a couple left by the end of the day. We had some more made and we will be giving them out again as we originally intended. Free for our customers who are 65 or older or are immunocompromised. If you fit the bill just ask at the counter! We never intended to sell them and they are not cheap to create. (We were getting emails from all over the state asking for one for free.) Nope, they are for our at risk customers as a sign of our commitment to your well being. If there’s some left after we get them to our regulars we’ll let you know. Here’s the contact for Margaret who makes them for us! (and she just got some cool new Marvel fabric in too!)

Shop local!

We’re also proud to report that as off Saturday, all part time staff members are back in one capacity or another, even if it’s just sorting dollar stock. (which I hear builds character.)

(CoVid note: photo taken last November during Black Friday)

This was the goal of the PPP loan, to get America back on line as soon as possible, but in a safe manner. That’s the job and we’re doing our best to make it happen.

Thanks again to all for the understanding this week. You are awesome.

Somehow this week this little ditty popped up from 91′. That makes me older now than mom is in this picture. 🙂