Featured New Releases for 6-3-2020 at CNJComics

This is one of the first week’s we can focus on new comic releases!

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, June 3rd 2020!

DC Comics

First up is this amazing Catwoman 80th Anniversary Special!

Clocking in at $9.99 it’s full of so much great material I can’t say enough about it. The Ed Brubaker / Cameron Stewart story reads like an homage to Darwyn Cooke and it’s worth the price of admission alone. Lots of decades variant covers too. They’ve done these anniversary issues for other characters but this one comes off as a labor of love for all involved. Next week is the Joker!

Also in the $9.99 range is the new Birds of Prey Black Label one shot, set in the continuity of the new Harley Quinn movie.

Written by Brian Azzarello, who gave us 100 Bullets and showed us Batman’s weenus in Batman Dammed. Worth the price!

Marvel Comics

Marvel only has graphic novels this week as part of their slow return to publishing, which we’re a fan of. The standout this week is the new Hickman X-Men graphic novel, which is his direct follow up to House and Powers of X.

Indie Comics

We finally have a new Sabrina Comic!

Archie dropped the ball by not having a comic in place when the Netflix show turned out to be a hit. It might be too late now but it’s a good looking book, and what you were likely looking for back then.

It you liked Amazon Prime’s The Boys show, Garth Ennis is back with a new series, The Boys: Dear Becky #1.

Not for kids. (Heck, it’s likely too much for most adults as well.) If you’ve watched the show you know what’s going on here.

Figures and Discount Books

We also got two new sets of Marvel Legends figures in, X-Men and Avengers. (which included some gamerverse figures.) Here they are…

This still leaves some room on the new comic book table, so we’ve put out some books at only 25 cents each!

We’ve got seven long boxes going out at a quarter each. (A quarter man, it’s like the 80’s in here.) Apologies to anyone who invested heavily in comics and beanie babies in the 90’s. Multiple copies of Maxx #1, Darker Image #1, Turok #1, RAVAGE 2099 #1 (back off man, it’s written by Stan Lee.) and more? It’s a flipper paradise!

We have also decided to add eight boxes of DC Vertigo books as well, IN ORDER! These books will only be out until Tuesday!

Oh yeah, we’re open on Mondays now. We’ve got our deep cleaning down and are confident that we can knock it out and comfortibly be open. We will continue to have our at risk customer hours from 11am till noon on Thursdays.

Comics at the Corner

This week we helped Dawn Arrington with her ‘Comics at the Corner’ project, to help put literacy in the hands of neighbors and friends in the Buckeye and Mt Pleasant neighborhoods.

“After seeing the effects of adult illiteracy in my neighborhood firsthand, I decided to start Comics at the Corner. Comics at the Corner seeks to put relatable and visually appealing forms of literature in as many hands as possible by way of culturally relevant comic books featuring characters of color.” Since March we’ve been rounding up comics and today Dawn picked up over 1,000 books featuring characters of color. “Unfortunately, the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood has the city of Cleveland’s highest illiteracy rate, above 90%. I’ve witnessed the effects first hand, conversely, I’ve also witnessed the impact of putting something relatable and enjoyable in the hands of the people and to see their faces light up because of it. My goal is to keep putting comics in the hands of as many people in my community as possible.”

We also donated 50 all ages Black Panther graphic novels to Dawn’s cause and I hope these books help create the spark for reading that they did for me.

As far as this weeks social issues go, we’re pro protest, anti riot, and we’ll continue to provide a safe space for all as well as helping out members of our community like Dawn where ever we can, like we always have. (and always will.)

Thanks everyone, for being awesome through everything that’s going on right now. I really like being in the shop again and selling in person.