Green Lantern 80th and FCBD Summer at CNJComics

It’s the first truly “full” new comic book week since the pandemic first shut us down in March! Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, June 24th, 2020!

DC Titles

Green Lantern gets his own 80th Anniversary Special this week. All of these books have been super fun and we keep selling out and getting them back in.

100 pages and $9.99 with stories by Geoff Johns, the late great Dennis O’Neil and lots, lots more.

Batman continues to be a great read as we head into the Joker War.

It’s like this cover is almost pandering to the tragedy in Columbine. Yikes.

We’ve been doing great with DC Black Label titles, and we’ve got two really good ones this week.

Batman the Killer Smile is a one shot follow up to Joker the Killer Smile by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, told from Bruce Wayne’s vantage point.

Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey #2 (of 4) is written and drawn by Amanda Conner, so that should be all you need to know.

Both books are for mature readers only!

Marvel Titles

 This is Marvel’s first week with both comics and graphic novels, and the first salvo of Empyre is thrown in Empyre Avengers #0.

The Immortal Hulk’s Al Ewing will be running this show, with both the Kree and Skrulls teaming up to fight the heroes of Earth.

I’m super stoked for the Captain America Marvels Snapshot one shot.

It’s got a story by Mark Russell (Second Coming and Wonder Twins, great up and coming writer) art by Steve Rude, and set during Jack Kirby’s 1970’s Madbomb story!

Ben’s been waiting patiently for the new issue of Donny Cates’ Thor, which he says is one of his favorite ongoing titles right now.

We might not get a Black Widow movie till November, but we’ve finally gotten our action figures in.

Indie Title

The Power Rangers hit a landmark 50th issue, with the return of a major character.

Free Comic Book… Summer?

Finally, announcements have been made about Free Comic Book Day 2020, which is now Free Comic Book Summer 2020!

With the pandemic still in full swing, the decision has been made nationally to drag FCBD (er, FCBS) into a nine week event with five or six books coming out each week. The good news, for us at least, is that we can reduce the size of our orders to a managable level, to reduce the financial burden of hosting event.

We have decided that the best course of action is this:

We will print out a check off sheet of all the FCBS books and file customers in good standing (meaning there is nothing sitting in your file.) will be able to pick ten books that will be delivered directly to your file.

Every Saturday, starting July 18th, we will put the rest of the books out and you will be able to pick up one of each until they are gone. This transfers the traffic off of Wednesday and makes it more manageable on a Saturday morning, while also taking care of the Wednesday regulars. All Social distancing policies will be strictly enforced, and if you feel it’s too busy to stick around and shop, no worries. Enjoy the books.

We will not be having a Go Fund Me to pay for the comics, we’ll take care of it. So what can you do to help? Buy a FCBD print for $5, which will help us to offset the cost of the books! (Plus, they’re super cool.) Buy more than one! Buy one for a friend! Another thought is to make an effort to come back and shop at a later date, or the next time you’re regularly in the shop, buy something beyond your usual shopping parameters. It all adds up and we’re grateful for the support. I’ll also look at hosting another Facebook Live Sale, with proceeds going to support FCBD. (dang it, FCBS!) That sounds like fun.

It sucks that we can’t have the big year even that we usually do but it would just be too socially irresponsible at this point. Next year, we’ll hopefully be back in full swing.

We are still hopeful about having Chris Claremont in the shop for our 30th Anniversary in November!

Thanks Everyone! Stay Safe!