Walking Dead Returns at CNJComics

Happy 4th of July weekend! Marvel and DC only have new graphic novels this week, but Image and Robert Kirkman have filled the void with a NEW Walking Dead story and a NEW original graphic novel!

4th of July Sale

First up, to help stimulate some sales this week in light of the lack of new comics, we will give 50% off back issues from Monday June 29th to Sunday July 5th!

The Books

To help comic book shops, Robert Kirkman has written a new Walking Dead Negan Lives comic!

They provided us with the comics for free and they retail for $4.99, so every sale goes to help comic shops out during the pandemic! Classy move Kirkman!

Supplies are limited so we’re limiting the book one per person, and if you had Walking Dead on your file we automatically put one aside for you. (so be sure to come in and get it.)

They also timed this with the releases of Robert’s new ongoing title, Fire Power, which is sort of his take on the Iron Fist mythos. This book begins with a FREE first issue and a $9.99 original graphic novel. We have lots of the free book as it used to be a Free Comic Book Day title. (this book exists outside of the current FCBD selections, and we have enough for everyone so don’t worry about it not being in the checklist.)

The original graphic novel is an incredible value at $9.99, I’ve read it and it’s really cool.

Did we mention it has art by shop favorite Chris Samnee?!

Speaking of Free Comic Book Day (Summer), checklists are available for file customers in good standing to fill out and select ten books from, to be delivered to your file hassle free.

We also got a big reorder from TKO studios, the company producing original graphic novels outside of the Diamond distribution stream. Great books with creators like Garth Ennis, Jeff Lemire and Steve Epting.

Check them out here and pick them up at the shop.

We also got in a new selection of discounted Marvel hardcovers. We did great with the Omnibuses, and now we have titles like Civil War, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thanos and more at less than 50% off. People want reading material right now and we’re all about it. (We picked books that we personally recommend.)

Masks are Back

Oh yeah, we also got in a new batch of Marvel masks! They’re $10 each and we do not profit from them in any way. The go fast because they’re pretty cool. In shop only, no holds.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance and we’ll all be fine! Here’s a link to the seamstress’ website for mail order!

On the subject of holds, we’ve gotten a lot stricter now that the pandemic is making running a retail operation more difficult. If you call and say, “I’ll be in today or tomorrow to pick it up”, we’ll hold it for you. Beyond that we do not need more stuff waiting to be picked up on a shelf behind the counter. This is something we allowed to happen over the years so please respect that it’s not something we can continue to do. Every penny counts in our current situation.


Lastly, we sent out an email yesterday about the new prints we have available. We decided to commission three images to hang in our windows as a reminder that we are always stronger when our friendships include as much diversity as possible. CNJComics will always be a safe space for diversity in all the possible forms it can take. These three prints are FREE with any purchase.

For more information on the thought process behind the project check out TOGETHER with CNJComics, and thanks to Tim Switalski for the amazing artwork!