Featured New Releases and FCBD Summer at CNJComics

Just a quick one this week as I’m on the road!

Joker War is heating up and is a great read. Batman #95, Batgirl #47 and Detective #1024 are all a part of it.

Be sure to add crossovers to your file, or talk to a staff member about which ones you want. I’m ordering up but they’re selling out and UCS seems to have little to no reoder capabilities at this time.

Empyre continues at Marvel with issue #2 as well as Empyre Avengers #1 and Empyre X-Men #1.

Spider-Man starts a new story arc with a one shot that gives us some back story on the Sin Eater. (He’s kind of the guy who pissed Eddie Brock off enough to become Venom>

The first Saturday of Free Comic Book Summer went great. There were no bigs lines and it was a slow trickle all day long, which is actually perfect.

Wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and keep your distance! Oh yeah, if you don’t feel well, stay home!

The books left over for the day go out on Sunday too, so you can stop in then as well.

This week we have five books coming out, one is all ages, three are teen and one is adult. (The mature book will be inside the shop, so just ask the person keeping count at the door if you’d like one!)

All Ages include Valiant 2020 Year of Heroes Special:

Teen Selections include Dark Ark Instinct, Spider-Man/Venom (by Donny Cates!!!) and Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Mature Readers book looked interesting at the time, Manhwa: Contempory Korean Comics. I’m all about introducing people to new material from over seas.

Thanks to everyone who bought a print to help fund FCBD this year.

Remember, if you have a file, you can just fill out a checklist and have ten books set aside for you. There has been a little confusion about this. Some people think they have a file when they don’t. If we have held books for you here and there, that does not mean you have a file. I file is set up with the staff and includes holding at least five books a month that are picked up every month. You save 10% on ALL your new comic purchases so set one up!

That’s it for this week!