Discount Graphic Novels at CNJComics

I’m on the road again, so this week’s email will tune you in to some discounted reading material!

We bought up a bunch of liquidated Marvel Graphic Novels, and went heavy on stuff we recommend.

There’s alot to choose from but here’s some of our favorites to give you an idea.

Punisher Vs the Marvel Universe GN

This has tons of amazing material like the non cannon Garth Ennis “Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe” one shot, along with the Punisher War Zone mini series by Greg Rucka. (Thor and Frank share a beer and discuss what it means to be a soldier.) Lots more in here. Hightest Rec.

Regular $34.99 for ony $8.00.

Super Villians Unite The Complete Super Villain Team Up.

This collection of 1970’s material has Doctor Doom written by many different voices of the era, and you can see how his personality (and self doubt) changes with every writer.

Regular $34.99 for only $8.00.

Secret War.

Alot of people consider Avengers Disassembled to be the beginning of Bendis’ Marvel legacy, but it really starts here, with the actions of Nick Fury’s undercover team of Marvel regulars. Fully painted by Gabriele Dell’Otto too!

Regular $24.99 for only $6.00.

Complete Howard the Duck Volume One.

You live in Cleveland! You need to read Steve Gerber’s political satire (set in Cleveland) at some point in your comic collecting career. Includes his earliest appearances and sixteen regular issues. Lots of supplemental material as well. (oh yeah, we have volume two at the same price as well.)

both volumes Regular $34.99 for only $8.00 each.

Inhumans by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.

Ask around and you’ll find this story tops a lot of people’s ‘best of’ lists. It’s a relic of the Marvel Knight’s era and really introduced the world to the art of Jae Lee. It’s an all around great story of the Royal Family, the importance of Black Bolt to the Marvel Universe, and a stellar introduction to the Inhumans in general, no prior knowledge necessary.

Regular $34.99 for only $8.00.

Inhumans Origin of the Inhumas.

Want more Inhumans? Here’s all the early material by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, including issues of Fantastic Four and Thor. This stuff came out at the height of the Lee/Kirby creative process.

Regular $34.99 for only $8.00.

Deadpool Classic Volume One.

Get your New Mutants #98 right here, along with the first two mini series and Joe Kelly’s #1 ongoing. (I’m going to be honest with you though, this is another book we have volume 2’s for as well, and it’s a better book, as Deadpool really hits it’s stride with the continuation of Joe Kelly’s ongoing.)

both books Regular $29.99 for only $6.00 each.

Young Marvel Little X-Men Little Avengers

We’ve got to have something for the kids as well, so how about a volume full of Skottie Young artwork?

Regular $24.99 for only $5.00.

Mile Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Vol 1 Revival.

This is a gem too, includes Ultimate Spider-Man #200, which was a great issue, as well as the new series #1-5. Bendis and Marquez in their prime.

Regular $17.99 for only $4.00.

Avengers Korvac Saga.

It’s a classic storyline for a reason! Jim Shooter brings the Guardians of the Galaxy into the mix, Hawkeye stands alone against the Collector, and Don Blake is needed more than Thor. A little Perez artwork at the beginning and not the ending you’d expect.

Regular $24.99 for only $6.00.

Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Complete Collection.

We all have our guilty pleasures and this one is mine. Two eight issues mini series in one package, expanding and reimagining Avengers history. This first one takes place during Avengers #1-#16 and is really fun to read alongside the original material. The real highlight is the second series though, taking place during Roy Thomas’ era where Black Panther and Vision join the team and we see how bat sh$t crazy Hank Pym and the whole Yellowjacket thing was from a new point of view. Again, really fun to read alongside the original material.

Regular #34.99 for only $7.00.

There’s lots more in there too, including one of Ben’s favorite Deadpool stories, Night of the Living Deadpool, for only $5 bucks.

Oh yeah, Free Comic Book Day Summer continues this Saturday with six new free titles. (be sure to grab Resistance by J Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, it’s a shop favorite. It’s rated Teen.)

Other books include:

  • LumberJanes Farewell to Summer (All Ages)
  • Tick (All Ages)
  • Zoo Patrol Squad Kingdom Caper (All Ages)
  • Bibi Miyu and Fox Little Tanuki (All Ages)
  • Invincible (Robert Kirkman od Walking Dead’s Super Hero Epic. Just ask John Shearer about it. Rated Teen.)

That’s it. Thanks Everyone!
John Dudas