Featured New Releases for 9-23-2020

We’ve got another week full of new releases, including the kick off of the new X-Men Crossover, X of Swords.

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020.

Marvel Comics

X of Swords Creation is the first chapter of the storyline that will run through all the X-titles, 22 total. (plus a few preludes that have already come out.)

In tarot cards the Ten of Swords can stand for deception, warning you to be careful of where you place your trust. Reversed it can mean overcoming this adversity. Combine that knowledge with all the actual swords from Marvel history and you’ve got the makings of a pretty interesting storlyine. This kick off issue is even written by Jonathan Hickman! Here’s a checklist you can use to follow along: (easy to print out and turn into the shop.)

Donny Cates killer run on Venom continues along with some reprints of previously sold out issues.

Speaking of Cates, he rocked the shop with Thor #6, revealing a possible future with Thanos holding Mjolner covered in Infinity Stones while leading the Marvel Zombies. This revelation has now become the cover of the second printing.

You can just pick up this issue on it’s own for a glimpse into what’s going on over there.

She Hulk gets her own ‘Immortal’ one shot written by Immortal Hulk writer Al Ewing.

This is coming out the same week She Hulk’s casting has been released so there’s sure to be some buzz. Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black will be She-Hulk!

DC Comics

Over at DC we get another Dark Nights Death Metal One Shot, this one featuring the speedsters.

The Flashes race across the wasteland in Speed Metal, written by Flash writer Joshua Williamson.

Batgirl #49 is a Joker War tie.

Tom Taylor (DCeased) kills Deadshot (?) in Suicide Squad #9.

We also did get more heavily discounted Marvel graphic novels in, only a few but highly recommneded books.

The Punisher Girls in White Dresses is an adults only Punisher Max book that followed the Garth Ennis run. There are some great post Ennis stories out there written by a smattering of people, this is one of them. Not for kids, fantastic story. Frank investigates a small Mexican town where young women disappear then reappear mutilated. Written by Gregg Hurwitz.

$16.99 for only $4.00. (Again, not for the faint of heart.)

We also got copies of Punisher Max Volume one in too, which is by Ennis. $14.99 book for $4.00. The Ennis run is legendary but doesn’t kick into high gear until “Up is Down Black is White” and “Slavers.” Next to Dardevil Punisher is one of the best written characters Marvel has. Stories by Rick Remender, Greg Rucka and Matt Fraction all top the charts.

For you Marvel history buffs, The Complete Man Thing by Steve Gerber is worth a look. Early Marvel Magazines, a little Jim Starlin art, first appearances of Fool Killer and Howard the Duck. Fun supplemental material too. $39.99 book for only $8.00!

Laura Wimbels and our own Winston!

We’d like to give a shout out to Laura Wimbels, who has taken oh so many photos for us over the years. She’ll be co hosting a new weekly B Movie show on WUAB 43 at 8 pm on Saturday October 17th. We will absolutely be tuning in Laura! Congrats!

Lastly, I’m just going to throw this out there for you. These were custom designed and are in the mail and heading towards us.