Free Comic Book Day Summer Ends This Weekend

We have a tradition each year where Jameson signs 100 FREE copies of his yearly FCBD lithograph, and we decided to keep this alive on the final weekend of Free Comic Book Day Summer.

Jameson has signed and number 100 prints and we will give them away starting at 10 am on Saturday September 12th. We will continue to hand them out into Sunday (and even Monday) if they’re still around.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a print up to this point. You have done your duty to keep the ‘event’ afloat, and we never needed a go fund me to finance it.

We hope there will be a Free Comic Book Day next year, but if circumstances prevent it we will bounce back in some manner. The most important thing about FCBD wasn’t the comics, it was you, the community. We’ll figure something out.

There are three new FREE books this week, and here’s a list of them and what’s left over from previous weeks.

All Ages:

  • Sue and Tai-Chan
  • Only a Matter of Space Time
  • Super Mercado Mix Tape
  • Jack Kirby The Epic Life of the King of Comics
  • Owly
  • CBLDF Defend Comics
  • Stepping Stones
  • Donut the Destroyer
  • Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics


  • Legend of Zelda
  • Naruto
  • Mean Girls
  • Street Fighter
  • Lady Mechanika
  • Best of 2000AD
  • Spider-Man (we actually found some of these we lost track of! Written by Donny Cates!)
  • Usagi YoJimbo


Enter the Incal

Manhwa Contempory Korean Comics

So yes, you can take one of each and get 19 FREE comics this weekend as well as a free signed lithograph.

We also have 150 long boxes of comics in the foyer at $1.00. All Marvel and DC and mostly in order. (50 cents each for 100 or more.) These will remain in the foyer till the end of day Monday. You can keep getting the free books on Monday as well, if they’re still there.

So, this is us, signing off for Free Comic Book Day Summer 2020.