New Releases for 11-11-2020 at CNJComics

It’s a quick and easy week at the comic book shop before the holidays start up.

Here’s the featured new releases coming out this Wednesday, November 11th 2020!

The big winner this week is the Punchline Special written by James Tynion IV.

Learn a little more about her back story and where she’s headed after the events of Joker War in this one shot.

Another fun ride is this week’s Dark Nights Death Metal Infinite Hours Exxxtreme one shot introducing the Dark Multiverse version of Lobo, the Batman who Frags!

It reads like old school 90’s Lobo!

Teen Titans Go has a new original graphic novel with the kids playing B & B. (Basements and Basilisks).

Robin as the “Dungeon” master!

Last Rites continues in Amazing Spider-Man #52.

Which will also have the previously mentioned Veregge cover for Native American Heritage month.

Taskmaster gets his own five issue mini series.

This week’s one dollar True Believer reprints are off the hook. The first appearance of Black Panther and the first Lady Liberators!

Last week we sent out an email and a call to arms for local artists for our annual holiday art show to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank. All the information on that is on our website now. Please share with people you think would be interested!

Art by @notsquid Craig Worrell!

We will also be having Black Friday week from Tuesday November 24th to Sunday November 29th. Expect the foyer to be filled with dollar books and all back issues to be 50% off. (as well as discounts on everything else!)

That’s it! Thanks everyone!