New Releases for 11-4-2020 at CNJComics

Hey everyone, first up is a big thank you from us for a really fun month of October. From the CD sale to our 30th Anniversary and then through Halloween, we had a good time the whole way through. Thanks to everyone who came out for any of it to support us. 

We’ll keep this week’s email really quick, as we’re still decompressing from the aforementioned month.

November is Native American Heritage month, and Marvel put together some really cool variant covers by Veregge, here’s a video on that and about a one shot that’s coming up this month by Native American creators.

This week’s new issue of Thor is even sporting one.

If you’ve fallen behind on Donny’s Cates’ Thor the first graphic novels comes out this week too, with issues #1-6 inside.

Marvel’s got their $1.00 reprints this month with some cool first appearances, including Black Knight and Doc Samson.

This is especially important if you’re excited about Kit Harington playing the Black Knight in Eternals.

DC’s bringing back their Dark Mutliverse One Shots, so think DC “What If” issues. They’ve all been pretty fun in the past.

The big Indie this week is from Donny Cates and Image Comics, Crossover #1.

“Imagine everything you thought was fantasy…was real. And now join us, in a world where reality is dead…and anything is possible…”

We love Donny Cates.

Also on the Indie front Stranger Things gets a Dungeons and Dragons crossover.

It’s been a year since the third season but they’re making the rounds again in our house soooo…

Artists it’s that time of year again! Time to pick up your blank cover for this year’s artshow to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank. This year’s theme is “Pandemic”, so anything that ties comic book characters into the Pandemic this year. Expect a full email with what you need to do this week. The art show will be over the course of a week this year instead of a day, to allow more people to view it safely. We’ll then draw the winners on Facebook Live at the end of the week!