More New Releases at CNJComics 1-20-2021

It’s week three for DC Future State, and Marvel has some pretty great offerings as well!

Here’s the featured new releases for Wednesday, January 20th 2021!


The Future State book I’ve been waiting for is Immortal Wonder Woman, as I’m a big fan of Jen Bartel’s art. (this will be her first interior art for DC)

Diana Prince at the end of time. Back up story with Nubia. Two issue series at $5.99.

We now know that Tim Fox, Lucius’ other son, is the new Future State Batman. 

We ordered up on the Braithwaite variant because we knew it would be hot. Four issue series at $7.99.

Future State Superman Worlds of War puts Clark Kent way into the future and into outer space to fight as a Gladiator on Mongul’s Warworld

Two issues series at $7.99.

The other titles this week include FS Catwoman, FS Nightwing and FS Shazam, all two issue series at $3.99 each. 

The first issue of Batman Catwoman was great, this was the Tom King book I wanted when the wedding went bad. Issue #2 (of 12) comes out this week!


Over at Marvel, Donny Cates’ King in Black #3 is out. 

Thor verse Knull!

This week we only have one King in Black crossover book, Black Cat #2. It even has a really great Peach Momoko Aliens variant cover at cover price. 

Did you know Disney has the rights to the Alien films now?

The always popular Iron Fist gets a new six issue mini series written by classic GI Joe scribe Larry Hama.

Avengers #41 will continue Jason Aaron’s new Phoenix storyline. Who will be the next Phoenix?!

Lastly, if you missed out on Daredevil #25, we have second prints in this week. 

Elektra is the new Daredevil!

That’s it for this week. We are diligently restocking the store during the month of January, so please bear with us if we run out of stuff!